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  Week 30 ~ June 4, 2003
   ~ I think I need servants

I've been reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and couldn't help noticing how everyone in the book has servants in their house to answer the door, do the cooking, send messages, clean, etc. Now I'm beginning to envy them. It's becoming quite an effort to get upstairs from the basement to answer the door. It's becoming quite an effort to stand at the stove for several minutes. And I would really like to call the housekeeper to get down on the floor and scrub it. Sigh! All these chores tire me quickly and put me out of breath. I have to sit down and rest. And then when I sit down it's an effort to get back up! I feel heavy and slow.

Last week I was vacuuming and felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. It just about doubled me over. I think I pulled a big ligament (the "round" ligament, to be exact, which helps support the uterus) and it HURT! I lay down on the bed and told Ana I had to rest for a while. It hurt pretty bad for about half an hour and then started to go away. I tried to take it easy the rest of the day. I don't want to pull it again!

So, I'm moving at a slow pace these days. I seem to be carrying the baby very low and way out in front. I remember Ana was jammed up against my ribs and my diaphragm. This baby is all out in front. At least it makes for easier breathing and eating.

I had another doctor's appointment Monday and everything seems fine. He checked the length of my uterus and it was just right. A few people have asked me when my due date is, and when I say August 4 they look at me and say, "You'll never make it to August!" Well, I know I look disproportionally huge but according to the doctor, I'm right where I should be. I think because I'm small, my belly looks doubly huge.

My main pregnancy-related irritation is still the restless legs at night. I can't get to sleep because of them. They're tense and I can't relax them for a long time. Soaking my feet in hot water has helped, and avoiding sugar at night seems to alleviate a little of the tension. But it still keeps me awake for a long time most nights. I usually feel stiff and achy, especially in my back, when I wake up. If I wake up in the middle of the night I often get up and walk around a little bit and my back feels better.

During my last pregnancy I was in much worse shape by this time! My muscles are much stronger this time, and that has made a huge difference in how well I bear all this extra weight. And of course, my belly is more "stretched out" which gives this baby more room than Ana had. I'm tired, but overall I still feel well. I'm not heartily wishing this pregnancy to be over yet. I suppose that will come in a month or so? Anyway, my main desire right now is to carry this baby full-term. I think I can . . . I think I can . . . I think I can!!!!

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