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Lisa's Pregnancy Journal

  Week 31 ~ June 10, 2003
   ~ Pregnancy blessings

When I think about all the possible complications, symptoms, and difficulties I could be experiencing at this point in my pregnancy, I feel pretty blessed and amazed. During my last pregnancy (those of you who read this journal regularly may be tired of this phrase, I know I use it a lot!) at this point, I was completely miserable. The baby was pushing against my ribs and diaphragm so that I could hardly breathe, especially when lying down. I had insomnia like you wouldn't believe. I was dealing with a horrible, itchy rash all over my body but especially my abdomen and back; I would take showers with Aveeno lotion every few hours, even at night, to try to relieve it. I was absolutely wiped out physically and emotionally. I never weighed enough. I was depressed.

But THIS time: the baby is so low, I am breathing just fine. No rash, no depression. Very little indigestion, no heartburn. No backaches (usually), no swelling of hands or feet, no infections, not a whole lot of stress. My only complaint is "restless legs" at night, which make it really hard to go to sleep. After lying down for a few minutes, my feet and legs hurt and are incredibly restless and tense. I can't stop moving them, which is driving my poor husband into the guest room night after night! And of course I'm tired, and it's physically harder to do everything, especially going up stairs and lifting things. I feel pretty burdened down with all this extra weight. But other than that, I can't complain. I'm not dealing with much of anything else unpleasant at this point. What an incredible, amazing blessing--to be able to sail through this pregnancy without a lot of extra stress and complications, at a healthy weight and feeling good! (well, the first trimester wasn't a whole lot of fun, but that's why God puts it first, so you forget all the sickness and yucky feelings by the end of the pregnancy!) I weigh at least ten pounds more right now than I did when Ana was born. I feel so much stronger. Things are looking good.

Of course, when people see me they often say, "You'll never make it to August!" Nobody seems to be able to conceive how I could carry this huge belly all through June and July without going into labor. Well, I'll be happy if I make it to late July. Our goal is to deliver a baby that can come home in a couple days, and not have to stay in the NICU. If I can make it to 38 weeks, maybe even 37, I think that will be a success.

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