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  Week 32 ~ June 17, 2003
   ~ Pregnancy Complaints

Okay, last week I was quite positive and gushing about my pregnancy blessings. This week I plan to complain. I felt lousy the whole week long. I felt fatigued and generally ill. The baby has settled right on top of my bladder,and I'm carrying her SO low. In fact, I think she's getting lower, and my muscles, ligaments and tendons are having to adjust. My lower back is starting to hurt and getting out of a sitting position is getting to be a real pain. Getting out of bed in the morning is quite a production. I have to ease out real gently, and I hobble for the first few steps, while my back and muscles re-adjust themselves! And I'm still dealing with restless legs and achy feet at night. I've started feeling a lot of Braxton-Hicks (painless) contractions. I feel like the baby is about one inch away from sliding down the birth canal! I began to feel pretty down, as I thought I would probably feel this way for the rest of my pregnancy, and probably worse.

At my last doctor's visit, I was told to make an appointment for two weeks later. At the receptionist's desk, I was told that he had nothing available for two weeks later, and I'd have to come in after three weeks. I must have been in an amiable mood, because I replied "OK" and went on my way. Well, after this week, I decided not to wait for that third week. I called and said, "Look, my doctor wanted to see me this week, but nothing was available, but I'm telling you, I need to see him, so can you work me in?" Well, fortunately there was a cancellation, and she scheduled me. Of course, when I got there, they still had me on the books for my original appointment and nothing else was scheduled. Sigh. I told them the name of the lady I talked to, when I talked to her, and when she scheduled me for the appointment. They worked me in.

I'm glad I went in. It turns out I had a fever and a bladder infection, for which I'm taking antibiotics and I'm already feeling a little better. The doctor did a check on my cervix, and it's closed and thick which means I don't appear to be in danger of going into labor. And he gave me more suggestions for dealing with the legs and feet at night (like eating a banana before bedtime. . . apparently the potassium helps). Wearing thick socks and shoes with good support all day long seems to help, too. And just generally staying off my feet as much as possible. So, after a lousy week, I'm starting to feel more like myself. I have regained a little energy.

Today I was driving on a road about two miles from my house, when I saw my neighbor's miniature pony trotting up the road toward me. He'd gotten out and was obviously on a long distance excursion! It's a curvy, hilly road and at any time a car could have come around a curve and crashed right into him. I turned around and followed him, until he veered into a yard. I got out, grabbed his mane and held him until another person stopped with a rope and a cell phone. We roped him and I called my neighbor. We must have been out there for 30 minutes in the rain with this feisty little pony called Buckwheat. In retrospect that was a risky thing to do, being eight months pregnant. I think I probably shouldn't do that kind of thing again. But, that I was physically able to get out of my car and hang on to this pony until the neighbor arrived, testifies to the fact that I'm feeling much better!

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