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  Week 33 ~ June 25, 2003
   ~ The crucial week

Week 33 is the week is the gestational week in which Ana was born. I think I've been waiting for this week, subconsciously thinking that if I get through this week, I'll make it to the end of 40 weeks. So far, so good. The baby is awfully quiet down there, and I've had hardly any contractions (all have been painless). I had felt a lot of pressure in the pelvic floor area, but that seems to be lessening, or else I'm just used to it. I don't know exactly when she'll come, but it won't be this week!

OK, just so everyone knows, I have gained 32 pounds with this pregnancy!

At my doctor's appointment this week, everything checked out fine. I told the doctor that I suspected something weird was going on with my blood sugar; I have been drinking constantly and going to the bathroom constantly, and when I eat something sugary, I feel tired and kind of sick. And once again, I had sugar in my urine test this week. So I had a glucose test. I got to drink a big cup of something that tasted like orange soda pop, only much sweeter. It's loaded with glucose. After waiting an hour, the nurse drew blood, and will test it for signs of gestational diabetes. So I'm waiting to hear. . .

This past weekend Karl and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! Karl's parents graciously offered to take Ana for a few days, and we escaped to a bed and breakfast in Bath County, which is in the beautiful Allegheny mountains. We just walked, rested, and ate! It was wonderful. And fortunately, we had a two-room suite. I'm still tossing and turning at night, with restless legs and all that. I was a little worried about Karl getting sleep this weekend, but he was able to escape to the other room when my restlessness grew unbearable for him. Poor guy--he slept on the floor wrapped up in a comforter. He claims he slept well, though. Happy 10th anniversary!

One new development is the appearance of the dreaded pregnancy rash on my abdomen. I had this last time, only much, much worse. The rash itches and burns a little. Baths with Aveeno bath powder seem to be the best remedy.

Well, that's about it for this week. I sure am happy that I don't have anything more "exciting" to report. Like I said, she's quiet down there, and I think she's going to hang out in my belly for a while longer, which is perfectly fine with me!

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