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Lisa's Pregnancy Journal

  Week 34 ~ July 3, 2003
   ~ Pleasant surprises!

I expected that by now, I would be completely overwhelmed with being huge and pregnant. I expected that I'd have lots of physical complaints and would be obsessed with getting to the hospital, having the baby and getting it over with. Happily, this isn't the case! What a blessing to be able to (kinda) relax and look forward to the birth without wishing it would hurry up. I can't say I'm completely comfortable all the time- my body wasn't meant to carry around five extra pounds in my womb for very long. I have backaches and my legs and feet still hurt at night, making it hard to get to sleep. And I'm usually sore and stiff in the morning, but it wears off usually after walking around for a while. But overall, I'm feeling good much of the time. I'm eating fine, sleeping better, and still able to get around and do much of my normal activities. I do get tired, and after a particularly busy day I need another quiet day to recover. For instance on Monday, Ana and I went shopping at the mall for four hours and then came home and made dinner for us and some friends. I felt energetic all day and evening, and then morning came, and I was out of commission for the next day. I dragged myself around and napped when Ana did. I'm still more tired than usual because of it. I'll be better tomorrow!

Also, I'm now letting myself enjoy the likely possibility that I'll be able to bring the baby home within a couple of days of her birth, unlike last time. I haven't counted on that during this pregnancy, not knowing if she would be premature like Ana and have to stay in the NICU for weeks. But now I'm beginning to think it might happen! What a joy to bring her home right away, instead of visiting her in the NICU and counting the days, hours and minutes until she could finally come home. That was our experience last time. I am beginning to realize that I'm probably going to be able to bring her home right away. What a blessing.

I've also begun to enjoy preparing stuff for the baby, painting her room, looking for birth announcements, re-arranging things, etc. It's a great feeling to enjoy all that; I didn't really have the energy to care about it last time. And Ana seems to be enjoying it too. She is excited for the baby to come, and for her grandma to come and "take her downtown" to the "hopsital" to see the baby!

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