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Liz's Pregnancy Journal
Liz and family
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Liz's pregnancy journal.

Liz (28) and her husband, Jeremy (28), have two little girls--Sierra (6) and Makenna (3). They were expecting their third daughter in early March, but due to complications of Fifth's Disease, Kameryn Faith arrived at 35 weeks on January 27, 2009. After a few hours in NICU, she was back with Mommy and is doing wonderfully!

Liz's Journal Entries

Meet Liz

Week 12
Movement Already?

Week 13
A Little Sun, A Little Sand

Week 14
An Organizational Mess

Week 15
Surf, Sun, and so Much Fun!!!

Week 16
Fancy Footwork

Week 17
Nothing New

Week 18
Itís A . . .

Week 19
Apple Cider and Pumpkins

Week 20
Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and More Pumpkins!

Week 21
Sniffle, Sniffle, Cough

Week 22
Busy, Busy, Busy

Week 23
Another Long Week

Week 24
Time, where have you gone?

Week 25
So Much to be Thankful For

Week 26
Surprises Around Every Corner!

Week 27
The Countdown Has Begun!

Week 28

Week 29
A White Christmas

Week 30
Evening Gown for the Chubby Lady, Please

Week 31
A Brand New Year

Week 32
What a Week!

Week 33

Birth Story
Meet Kameryn Faith

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