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Week 23
~ Another Long Week

As I write this I am fighting like crazy to keep my eyes open. It has been another long week around here, but this time itís been a good busy. The girls are finally over the flu/cold business, and feeling more like themselves, and we have been spending the week with my sister and her children. What fun we've been having ~ family dinners, shopping, catching up, and letting the kids play (though her youngest is only 2 1/2 months old). Sierra and Makenna have definitely been enjoying playing with their cousins, and what great practice to be around a newborn. I am so impressed with how helpful they are with baby Sonoma. They constantly want to hold her and help take care of her. It is so sweet. And today while we were out shopping, Sierra said that she wished our baby were here already. My girls are going to be such wonderful big sisters, I canít wait either!

Oh how I wish my sister and I lived closer and got to spend more time together. Growing up I always assumed we would live next door to each other and raise our kids together. Sadly, she and her family live 300 miles away ~ a do-able drive, but itís not close enough for me! This past week, getting to spend time with them, has been so nice, but it's a tough reminder that we don't get to see each other all the time.

The candle party, last week, was a success. At the last minute several people couldn't make it, so I was nervous that the consultant was going to be disappointed, but I had a few "extras" show up, so it turned out fine. It was a nice gathering of people, actually, and now that the weather has officially turned (we've had winds and rain for days straight), I can't wait to receive my candles. I even picked out a Chistmas gift for Jeremy's nana.

Speaking of holiday shopping, I have finally started ours. We have so many family members to buy for, it can take awhile, but it is nice to have at least started it. My goal is to be finished by the first week in December. A couple of years ago I made the mistake of going out and doing a bit of last minute shopping a few days before Christmas, and it was no fun at all.

Well, it is definitely past my bedtime! Until next week . . .

 ~ Liz

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