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Week 28
~ Brrrrrr!

Liz and her girlsThe calendar may say that winter officially starts on the 21st, but here in Oregon it has already begun! With highs reaching barely into the teens the last few days, it has been quite chilly!

We woke up Sunday morning to a dusting of snow, but continued about our business. Our church Christmas program was scheduled for that evening, so we didnít want to miss rehearsal during Sunday school. Once we got to the church, they had made the decision to postpone the program. Sierra and Makenna were disappointed as they were really looking forward to belting out the tunes theyíd worked so hard to learn. Of course, most of the disappointment disappeared once we got home and they were able to play in the snow.

Luckily we couldnít have picked a better day to visit the Pittock Mansion. There werenít many people there which meant we could take as long as we pleased looking through each room. It was just beautiful. The girls had a great time getting dressed up for the outing ~ they wore their fancy shmancy Christmas dresses. As we were headed home Sierra decided that she wanted ďoneĒ (meaning, a mansion). Oh, how she makes me laugh!

Sierra and MakennaOn Friday I had my 28 week appointment with yet another midwife. I have really liked the last three Iíve seen, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I saw one I wasnít thrilled with. It wasnít a horrible appointment, but it felt very rushed, and the midwife was more than a little scatter-brained and disorganized. I was also scheduled for my glucose tolerance test that day. Let me just say, that super-delicious syrupy drink at 8am does not sit well on an empty stomach! The good news is that the follow-up ultrasound showed no cause for concern regarding premature labor. Iím still measuring about a week ahead, so I figure that is another sign that this little princess is growing strong and healthy every day. I canít wait to meet her!

After my appointment I decided I had better take advantage of being in town, and get the rest of my Christmas shopping done. Iím rarely without the girls, so it was the perfect opportunity to pick up the remaining stocking stuffers, and a couple more gifts. I am happy to report that I am officially done with my Christmas shopping and almost all of the wrapping. And itís a good thing, with this crazy weather weíve been having!

I hope this last week before Christmas finds you all celebrating the many joys of the season. It is such a magical time of year, filled with so many memories. Enjoy yours!

 ~ Liz

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