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Week 30
~ Evening Gown for the Chubby Lady, Please

What a wonderfully memorable week we had. Each year brings more excitement as the girls get a little bit older, and this Christmas was definitely our best yet! Jeremy was able to get Christmas Eve off of work, so we enjoyed a full week at home with him.

We spent the evening of the 24th at Jeremyís parentsí house watching home videos from our last several Christmases. It was so fun to watch the girls grow through the years. Afterward we stopped by my mom and dadís for a quick visit. Then it was home to bake cookies for Santa and get the girls to bed. Jeremy and I had a late night putting together Makennaís new bed from "Santa" and moving Sierraís new dresser in from the shop, but we managed to get it all done.

Christmas morning was a flurry of excitement. Sierra awoke before Makenna, and could hardly wait for her to get out of bed. Finally Miss Makenna joined us and we got started. Once we had opened our presents here, we went up to Jeremyís parentsí to have brunch and our Christmas with them. Then it was over to my parentsí for turkey and to spend the rest of the evening with them. It was a long day, but full of happy memories.

This week I received a wedding invitation in the mail. A dear friend from my pageant days is getting married in February, and I would love to be there to celebrate this special occasion. However, this wedding is an evening wedding, and formal wear is required. I will be almost 37 weeks pregnant at her February 6th wedding . . . What is a girl, who is as big as a house, to wear? Now, Iíve worn many an evening gown in my day, but a maternity evening gown? I kind of have to chuckle at the thought. So, my question is: Where does a pregnant girl even find an evening gown? The answer: ebay! Honestly, I hadnít even thought of it as I donít shop on ebay, but my mother-in-law mentioned it, and now Iím on the hunt for (as silly as it sounds), a maternity evening gown. Wish me luck, oh, and please donĎt laugh.

Sunday night we (finally) had our church Christmas program. After almost two weeks of snow and ice, it was nice to get out of the house. Sierra and Makenna had a wonderful time up on stage, and they looked beautiful in their little angel costumes. Thereís nothing cuter than a stage-full of little ones belting out Christmas carols.

On Monday I had another appointment with a midwife. It seems as though I live at the doctorís office these days. But the frequent appointments mean that Iím that much closer to meeting this little one! Everything looked great, and I got to hear the heartbeat again ~ my favorite part. This little princess did not like the pressure of the doppler, though, and she started kicking at it. Seems we already have a bit of an attitude.

Now we get to enjoy a little down time before the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for our new babyís arrival. We look forward to a quiet New Yearís Eve, and hope that the new year finds you all happy and healthy! Wishing you warm wishes for many blessings in the coming year!

 ~ Liz

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