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~ Meet Liz

LizI am 35 and my husband, David, is 44. We have been married for 3 1/2 years. This is the first time marriage for both of us and neither of us has any children. As much as I enjoyed being a newlywed, I've always known I wanted to be a mom and it didn't take long after we were married for that clock to start ticking. After two years of trying to conceive on our own, resulting in two very early miscarriages, we decided to move on to IVF. Although it is still very early, I am happy and excited to be 5 weeks pregnant after our first try! Our little one is due on Dec. 3, 2009.

I had always hoped conceiving our children would have involved a relaxing vacation on some sandy beach, maybe a romantic dinner at home with candlelight and a bottle of wine. In reality, for us, it looked a little more like this:

fertility medicationI've been through two weeks of birth control pills, 25 Lupron injections, 11 injections of Follistim, 11 Menopur injections, the dreaded intramuscular Novarel (hcg trigger) shot. Note to self: when they tell you to inject this in your behind and not your leg, they really know what they're talking about! I had to stay out of town from the 8th - 12th getting transvaginal ultrasounds and blood draws every day. On March 12, 2009 I went in to be prepped (IV, anesthesia, etc.) for retreival. The result: 24 eggs retrieved!! Of those, 20 fertilized. We then chose the best two for transfer and 8 others continued to grow and were able to be frozen. I went back five days after the retrieval to have these two little embryos transferred back into my body:

embryosThey weren't much, barely visible to the naked eye, but I loved and was amazed by them immediately! Now the dreaded two week wait began; that limbo-y time in between the transfer and the first pregnancy test to find out if it worked. My little embryos were only eight days old and hadn't even been in my body for a full three days but I just couldn't resist testing! I used the excuse that I had to make sure the HCG trigger shot was out of my system so I wouldn't risk a false positive when I tested on Sunday. And why test on Sunday a whole three days before my official beta blood test you ask? Because, (1.) according to my careful internet research, at 10 days post retrieval the average HCG level is 25 and an early result pregnancy test is supposed to be able to detect HCG in urine at levels of 15 to 20 and (2.) Because I am me and I don't like surprises when it is well within my means to spoil them. Needless to say that test was negative. But the very next day when I tested the very, very faintest of lines appeared. It was the kind of line that you had to hold up to sunlight or a bare light bulb and squint your eyes to see, the kind that could very well have been an evaporation line - but it wasn't. The next day's test, a mere 5 days after those two little embryos were put back where they belonged, I got a light pink but very clear positive home pregnancy test!

The first blood test was done 8 days after the transfer and we were hoping to see a number somewhere around 75, at least. That test came back at a nice high 121! The next step was to re-test 2 days later and hope that the number would at least double. That second number was 338! My doctor's office said they were very comfortable with those numbers and didn't need anymore blood tests. They scheduled me for my first ultrasound on April 14th to confirm that the pregnancy was growing in the right place and to see how many embryos were in there! So now we are back to waiting. In the meantime, I'm continuing one intramuscular injection of progesterone every night and 4 pills for supplementation every morning. It's still very early, I know, and like any mother I worry about everything turning out alright. I am just so happy to have made it this far and April 14th can't get here soon enough!

~ Liz

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