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Week 10
~ My Embryo Is a Fetus!

I woke up one morning feeling unusually good. I didn't have to drag myself out of bed and into the shower, I was able to focus on my work, and as I sat there happily planning all the things I could get done that day, I began to worry. Because most of the symptoms I'd had were so mild compared to what I had expected, I didn't realize just how tired and run-down I'd been feeling until I didn't feel that way anymore. By lunch time I had worked myself into a panic and was on my way to the hospital having convinced my poor husband that something was terribly wrong. As I sat in the hallway waiting for a sonogram machine to become available, watching him pace back and forth, I realized how worried and nervous he was too and while part of me wished I could avoid burdening him with it, mostly I was relieved to have someone to share my anxiety with.

When a room finally opened up and we got the sono tech to help us, I couldn't even look at the screen. I stared at my husband's face until he breathed a sigh of relief and gave me the thumbs up. Maybe it was because the tech could tell how worried we were that he tried, and succeeded, in getting the best picture for us and I couldn't believe the difference a week could make. Our little embryo had grown into a real-looking baby and it was even dancing (unfortunately, with his father's moves) around! The tech even tried a 3D image which I wouldn't recommend until the baby is older--a little scary and lumpy at 10 weeks. We also saw Baby B who, of course, hadn't grown or changed at all. When the tech left the room, I unexpectedly burst into tears of relief and happiness and also sad tears for the little one who didn't make it just one more week to be able to dance and twitch like his brother or sister.

By that evening, I once again felt totally drained and exhausted, very hungry yet slightly nauseated and ready to cry at the first three seconds of an ASPCA commercial. I've had one other symptom-free morning this week and many of my friends who have kids have reassured me that this is the beginning of the glorious second trimester. They say I'll start feeling a little better everyday and that I should enjoy every minute of it because the third trimester brings more misery and the dreaded delivery day. I am looking forward to every minute!

~ Liz

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