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Week 11
~ The Neglectful Mothering Begins!

I'd been feeling a little wiped out from the sadness of losing a twin, the guilt of being too tired to get things done for my mother-in-law and around my own house, and the fear and stress of getting this baby through the first trimester. I was too irritable to talk on the phone, answer emails, or go out with friends. I wanted to be able to climb in bed and disappear at least until the very dangerous first trimester was over. But my magical relief arrived in the mail this week. The doppler I rented online is finally here! It's amazing to hear first my own slow pulse then that quick little baby's heartbeat thumping away!

As we listened to the baby together, I asked my husband if he was beginning to get excited and he said not until the next ultrasound with all the measurements and bloodwork to make sure everything is okay. That's when I had to tell him I still hadn't exactly made that appointment yet. I thought 12 weeks seemed so far away and would never get here but, suddenly, it's upon me! Time for the important first trimester scans, time to get off my butt and choose a doctor already! I found out that a nuchal translucency scan can only be done between 10 weeks and 13 weeks 6 days. That doesn't leave much time to choose a doctor and make an appointment within that time-frame.

We also bought a house in January that is beautiful but needs a little remodeling. I hadn't even started IVF when we bought it, but now here we are four months later with a baby due in 6 1/2 months and we haven't even begun anything on the house we assumed we would be bringing our new baby home to!

Next week I'll write about my new doctor and next ultrasound, but the week after that will be about all the wonderful things we're getting done around here- I hope!

~ Liz

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