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Week 12
~ The Grumpiest Week & a Half Ever (so far)!

WARNING: The following entry may contain too much information for the squeamish or male readers (like brothers)!

I finally found a doctor I love. She works at the hospital where my husband works and had four miscarriages herself before finally having her ''miracle IVF baby", a son who is now eight years old. Dr. Lyn was also Chief Resident for my reproductive endocrinologist in New Mexico and gave him rave reviews. But what really won me over was when she was so excited to see that we still had eight frozen embryos to work with later. She listened to the baby's heartbeat with the doppler but other than that, this was an appointment to get my blood pressure, weight and an annual exam that turned out to be a nightmare!

I had explained that I was spotting a little about once a week. I had hoped that I would get the doctor's okay to continue with my normal activities. I haven't been able to lift anything heavy, sleep with my husband or exercise and by "exercise" I mean taking the dog for a walk around the block without bleeding. Dr Lynn said she'd have a look and as soon as she started the pelvic exam she agreed that bleeding was a problem but the cervix looked great, was tightly closed and the baby's heartbeat was fine. I got dressed and she set me up with the maternal fetal specialist for the first trimester scans that I would need later that week. Then she sent me on my way. As I stood at the receptionist's desk waiting to schedule my next appointment I thought I should take a trip to the bathroom but when I looked around the corner an old woman was being assisted out of her wheelchair to the restroom. "Surely, I'll be fine to make my appointment and go straight home," I thought to myself and that's when I felt a trickle down my leg and had to run to the employees' bathroom down the hall. I'll spare you the gorey details but it was something like the very bloody prom scene from the movie Carrie. And I was homecoming queen! My doctor grabbed a pair of hospital scrubs for me to wear home and assured me that the baby was fine and we'd know more after I had my scan done.

It was downhill from there. I was so weak from bleeding and did nothing but lie down all day which gave me a constant, dull, throbbing headache and a terrible backache. I was so grumpy I couldn't stand myself! I don't know how my poor husband was able to deal with me but he was patient and sweet the whole time. We have a quick weekend trip planned with another couple and I have to be at least a little better by then because my husband has earned a weekend of bike riding and lounging by the pool!

~ Liz

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