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Week 13
~ Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Although I was still bleeding a little and not feeling quite like myself, I decided that we should still go on the quick weekend trip to Tucson we had planned with friends. My husband loves to ride his mountain bike and had researched some nice trails out there and I wanted to be forced to get over my self-pity wallowing and into a good mood by being around other people. Our friends (Mr. and Mrs. Conroy to you, baby) have two daughters that are graduating from the University of Texas and Yale this summer, yet their mother was able to talk about her pregnancy, birth, and cutest baby and little girl stories for almost the entire four hour drive up there! Being that their daughters are grown, our conversations are usually about recent trips, home repairs, or neighborhood gossip. My husband and I had expected to lose touch with many of our childless friends that we no longer would have much in common with once the baby arrives. Instead, I found a wealth of experience and two very happy future baby-sitters who were just holding back because they knew things were a little rocky with the baby at first!

Quail familyWhile the guys went off on their morning bike rides we girls took the dogs for a walk around the resort hotel. The desert can be a beautiful place in Springtime. The resort grounds were full of palm trees, lush green grass and flowers and a million bunnies hopping around eating them all, much to the grounds-keeper's dismay. I found a tiny baby rabbit in the grass that let me pet him (I know, I have since been lectured about the dangers of tularemia) while his mama sat up and watched from a few yards away. A not-so-cute baby snake also leapt at my dog so she wouldn't step on him. He was so little she didn't even notice that tap on her leg. Later, while shopping, my husband and I stopped to worry about a little baby bird chirping pathetically near a bush on the sidewalk. Two minutes later, his mother swooped in to feed him then flew up in a nearby tree to scold us for standing so close to her baby! And is there anything cuter than a quail family? With all of these baby animals everywhere it was hard to think of anything else and I was so glad that, instead of wondering when I would ever have my own baby to love, finally I will soon be just as busy as the rest of these moms, selflessly looking after my own little bundle of joy!

That weekend I made my first pregnancy purchase - a tummy sleeve that allows me to wear my jeans unbuttoned under a long blouse for my slowly expanding belly and two elastic-waisted skirts. We also spent time in the cutest store that had the best classic books and toys. I had to pry my husband away from there because he wanted to play with all the things that "hey, this is just like the one I used to have!". I can see that buying maternity clothes will quickly become an unavoidable necessity but I'm not ready to buy any baby things yet. Maybe if all goes well with my first trimester scan next week I'll change my mind!

~ Liz

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