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Week 14
~ Hey, There's a Real Baby in There!

ultrasoundSo the day finally arrived for my first trimester scan. Of course I got in on the very last day in time for the nuchal translucency scan. We were both very nervous again in the waiting room even though I had just used the doppler that morning and knew the heartbeat was still there. What if some dreadful defect or abnormality showed up on the ultrasound? Well, nothing to do now but hope and pray. I'm glad I chose my doctor and not the fetal maternal specialist as my baby's caregiver. This lady seems a little more cautious and not nearly as happy and optimistic as my doctor. They did find a pretty big subchorionic hematoma caused by the placenta detaching and bleeding a tiny bit which explains the bloody nightmare from two weeks ago. She said if it doesn't stop or continues to get worse she'll put me on complete pelvic rest! That means quitting my job and laying around all day except to quickly use the restroom and grab something to eat! We'll see about that.

3dBut just look at this lovely real baby with giant head and waving arms and legs!! It doesn't even have room to stretch its legs out all the way anymore! The doctor thought she might be able to give us a guess if we wanted to know the sex of the baby, but we both agreed before we ever even conceived that it would be more exciting to wait until it's born. After all we've been through, a healthy baby is all we're hoping for. Everyone knows I wouldn't mind a boy and Uncle Gabriel requested a boy also since he already has nieces. Aunt Judy thinks boys are less trouble but girls are cuter. David says he doesn't care either way but if I know him, if it's a little girl he can kiss his ideas of discipline (and his money) goodbye! And so far, even though it is still very early, everything looks wonderful! I lay very still every night for a few minutes on my back then a few minutes on my stomach to try to feel the baby move, but nothing yet!

I got my very first Mom gift from my friend, Cindy: a certificate for a prenatal facial and stretch mark treatment at a local spa! My sister-in-law (Aunt Candice) told me you get treated really special when you're pregnant. She was right! It's always my choice of restaurants when we go out to eat and I'm constantly offered icy cold water or fresh squeezed lime or lemonade or a variety of other fruity juices since cocktails are out. My neighbor, Jody, cooked two delicious healthy meals for us before she left on her trip to Hawaii. We told the older couple who live across the street and they were thrilled! They only have one little granddaughter and it seems that's all they're getting from their three children, though it's obvious they wanted more. This part has been so much fun and I'm looking forward to feeling a little better so I can enjoy it more. We'll see what next week brings.

~ Liz

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