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Week 15
~ A Very Busy Week

We have a family vacation to Disney World planned for next week so this week was extremely busy and stressful at work. I was a little worried and felt guilty that I might be harming the baby since I was getting up very early every morning and working long days. Since I'm self-employed I can usually make my own schedule and I wondered how all the moms with full-time jobs are able to do it, especially if they have really bad morning sickness. The bleeding was still there but not any heavier than it has been so I figured we were safe. It also turned out that being so busy kept my mind off worrying about the baby and actually helped me feel a little better. I got to thinking again about whether I will continue to work after the baby is born. I always assumed that I would but I don't absolutely have to, and feeling like I do right now makes the idea of staying home when I'm sleep deprived and caring for a newborn sound pretty good. We still have plenty of time left to decide about that. Of course I still had time to listen to my baby's heartbeat, which I can now find immediately, and try to feel it moving before falling asleep every night - nothing yet!

I made my first baby purchase this week! A seven piece set of onesies from Gymboree with cute names and pictures like sweet pea, monkey, peanut and sprout embroidered on the front. I realized just how hard it is to find things that can be for either a boy or a girl! Maybe that's a good reason to find out what we're having before it's born? My husband still doesn't think so. He says it already is what it is, and tiny babies don't need anything but diapers and blankets. I don't know where all this fatherly wisdom is coming from, but it's kind of annoying that he isn't more curious!

I have another ultrasound scheduled just before we go out of town and I'm debating whether or not to tell the doctor we have this trip planned. After working so hard to clear my work schedule, I don't want her to tell me that I shouldn't go. I'm also getting a little depressed and getting to be around my family, especially my mom, would really cheer me up so I think I won't!

~ Liz

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