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Week 16
~ Baby Meets My Family

The day for our trip to Florida finally arrived. I somehow lived through a horrible week of work, did laundry and packed for myself, my husband and our dog and was at the airport at 5am for our 6 o'clock flight. This was the best week ever! My mom was surprised to see that I already had a little tummy and hadn't felt the baby move so that night she had me sit still while she felt around. She found a hard lump that was the baby and after just a few minutes of feeling she asked, "Don't you feel that? That's the baby kicking." I did, but I didn't think that was the baby and I certainly didn't think it could be hard enough for her to feel. I know the first time you feel your baby move has probably been described a million different ways but the picture that immediately came to my mind was of laying on my back and having a helium balloon that's losing its air float down and tap my stomach, but from the inside, of course. And once I knew what I was feeling for, I felt it more and more. Not everyday, but very clearly at unexpected times. It's a wonderful feeling to share with my mom the same thing she went through with me.

The nicest part was being around family and getting all kinds of attention and gifts. My sister gave me a onesie with a matching hat. She liked to come sit next to me and feel my tummy and I wished I was further along so she could actually feel a good kick. My mom gave me a cute maternity top and two pairs of baby socks - one for a boy and one for a girl. My sister-in-law gave me some cute maternity clothes and my nephew gave me sea creature bath toys and he knew the names of all of them.

It was interesting to see what a three year old is like. David and I got to see how much work is in store waking up on four hours of sleep to tame a little tazmanian devil. Trying to keep your temper when all this little person wants to do is what you asked him not to and any attempt at reason results in kicks and punches with screaming loud enough to drown out your voice. But he's so smart and so much fun, too! I like roller coaster rides and those were out on this trip but it was fun to see how much he liked the Disney characters and shows. And what an imagination! One day he was a flying squirrel, the next a red-eyed tree frog or a nautilus. One night he was a crab that injected you with a medicine that would make you immune to wasp stings. I wish Piper would've played with him but she was having no part of it and we were not surprised since she's the kind of dog who would prefer to stay in if it's too windy outside and won't go to the park if there are going to be any children within a 25 yard radius of where she is playing ball. We are really looking forward to how much fun it'll be to get to show someone the world for the first time when everything is new!

Florida was extremely hot and humid. A word of advice: visit in January or February, not June! We had a crazy week planned since we wanted to see Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, and Epcot. My family thought I should get a wheelchair but I wanted to at least try walking for a little while. I thought it wouldn't hurt to try and if I bled any heavier or got any cramps then I would ask for a chair or take a day off from the parks. By the end of the week I was tired. I hadn't had that much activity in a really long time. But I also felt better than I had in months! The bleeding stopped so that by the middle of the week I could get in the water at the water park. My back stopped hurting and my mood improved tons! In fact, I feel so good I'm hoping I'll be released from the fetal maternal specialist by my next appointment, but am happy to get another peek at the baby at the end of the month!

~ Liz

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