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Week 17
~ Feeling Wonderful!

I feel wonderful this week!! My back hurts a little and I'm having some trouble sleeping but I'm excited to have gotten this far and to have all the problems that I started off with disappear. I had an appointment with my ob/gyn the day after we got home from Florida. I forgot to take my phone with me when I left for work in the morning so I got a surprise when I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office and in walks my husband. He was worried because he'd tried to call me several times with no answer. He remembered that I had an appointment that morning but since he'd worked late the night before and all my doctor was going to do was measure my belly and listen to the heartbeat, I didn't think he'd want to get up early to be there just for that. But I guess he did. I've asked him if he's getting excited yet and he says it comes and goes. Sometimes it's very real and he worries about the responsibility and hopes it'll be fun and other times it doesn't seem like much is going on.

This week I had a dream that I had the baby. It was very scary and I wasn't able to stay calm and focused at all. I felt out of control and that it was turning into a nightmare; nothing like what I had planned. And then the baby was born. I couldn't see anything but a bundle wrapped in a blanket but I was immediately relieved and a lightbulb went on in my head. Of course it hurts but look at what I've accomplished! Well worth all we had to go through to get pregnant and any temporary pain in the end. The doctor handed me the baby and was giving all kinds of instructions and that's when I woke up - without having gotten to look down at the baby's face. I need to remember that happy feeling of accomplishment for the next four and a half months. I've begun reading my Lamaze book and am looking forward to taking a childbirth class. I feel more and more confident that I can do this.

I felt something new this week. At first I thought the baby was just thumping around in there but after a couple of minutes passed with a constant thump that got a little annoying, I started paying attention and realized my baby had hiccups!! It was the coolest thing to feel hiccups then movement then hiccups again. I wondered if it was annoying to the baby too and whether it was the first time he or she had gotten them or if it was just the first time I could feel it. I know they say you get really tired again in the third trimester but I'm loving being pregnant right now!

~ Liz

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