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Week 18
~ A Fun Day With the Girls

It was finally time for a couple of my girlfriends to dig out the old maternity clothes this week. Not only did it save us a ton of cash but it's so nice to have an instant new wardrobe that really fits comfortably and shows off the baby belly! The best part was looking through all this stuff with my really great girlfriends who loved being pregnant and had cute stories about some of their favorite outfits and what occasions they bought them for. It reminded me to appreciate this time that, sadly, is already going by too fast.

My friend Regina and I laughed so hard remembering a February day in 2005 when she was a newlywed and about 5 months pregnant and I jealously shouted at David, who was just my boyfriend at the time, "When is it going to be my turn?! It's never my turn!" That used to be one of my favorite spoiled brat phrases, probably because it worked so well - a month later, I had my engagement ring. And if it hadn't been for all of this endometriosis and IVF business, that same phrase would've worked for me about two years ago for a baby, too. I'm going to try using it again in just a few more months for an Orbit stroller!

In the meantime, I'm trying to get motivated to do some badly needed spring cleaning. We bought a house in January but wanted to do some remodeling before moving in, so our baby will be coming home here to this house. That means it's time to clear out the guest room and start getting some ideas for a nursery. How exciting! There's also been some talk at the office and among friends about baby shower dates. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to go to a store to register for the exact tiny little clothes and blankets and diapers and toys I'd like to see my baby use, but I suspect it won't take too much convincing!

~ Liz

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