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Week 21
~ Our Big Baby

babyI had another visit with the fetal maternal specialist yesterday at 21 weeks and 5 days. Our baby is big!! It measured 23 weeks and 2 days, 11 days ahead and in the 98th percentile for its age. Of course the thought of delivering a big baby made me a little nervous but I've done some research on the internet and feel much better to have found out that sizes can go up and down especially in the second and third trimesters. The doctor did, however, agree that this baby is an unusually busy one. She had a hard time again getting measurements because the baby wouldn't stay still for a second. But my regular doctor assured me that all this movement is okay and a good sign of a healthy baby. We got one good profile shot: and one shot of him/her opening it's mouth when the umbilical cord touched it!

babyI was always told my uterus tilts a little back and to the left and when I roll onto that side at night I don't know if it makes the baby move more or if I can just feel it more in that position, but it has started waking me up two or three times at night. I always fall back to sleep thinking that soon I'll have to wake up like this to feed and change a little baby. So I'm a little more tired during the day from being woken up, but it's such a relief to feel movements all the time. I don't ever feel like I have to hear the heart beat to know everything is okay. And I'm getting really excited to meet this squirmy kid!

This week I was also very excited to win a bidding war on ebay for a new stroller. It's red and black so it works for a boy or a girl. I hope I'll get lots of use out of it even though it'll be cold by the time the baby is born and ready for neighborhood walks. I know my family would laugh at that since my idea of really cold is anything below 60 degrees and theirs is temperatures in the 20's! So the nursery continues to slowly fill with boxes of baby things and soon enough it'll be time to start setting it all up!

~ Liz

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