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Week 22
~ "We're Parents!"

This week we were invited to a trendy little restaurant/bar downtown that we had never been to but heard good reviews about and so we thought we'd give it a try. Picking a fabulous "going out" outfit used to take some planning and maybe a run to the mall for a new blouse or just the right pair of earrings but when you're pregnant - it's impossible. So my whole night just got off to a bad start!

I was completely unprepared for how out of place I felt once we got there, surrounded by pretty girls with perfect hair and makeup in their skinny jeans and little black dresses sipping cocktails. My big belly felt like an ominous "This could happen to you!" reminder to all the single men who might be looking for a good time. I thought the 18 year old waitress gave me a very obvious belly glance as she went around the table taking everyone's drink orders. "No, I don't want a coke. There's barely enough room for air and food, I don't need gas from a carbonated beverage, thanks!" The jazz band was so loud and I was tired. When I checked my cell phone because I was sure it must've been closing time, it was only 9:30! I know a big part of it was just being tired and hormonal, but I really felt like I was in another world.

t-shirtMy husband says I looked just fine and was letting my imagination get to me but I was very happy to show him this funny and very appropriate maternity Tshirt I found. We were never big party people but I did get to thinking about how much I've changed already. We had a camping trip planned in two weeks and I see now that sleeping bags, canvas chairs and no bathrooms are, for now, completely out of the question! It probably won't hit my husband until the baby gets here but: we're parents! The carefree newlywed days of pick up and go at a moment's notice are over and our kids will be our priority from now on. Never having experienced it, I don't know exactly what it will be like. But I'm sure I wouldn't trade it for anything else!

I was also so disappointed this week to learn that Burt's Bees Mama Bee's Belly Butter has been discontinued! A friend of mine gave me her unfinished jar after her baby was born and it was the best belly cream I'd found so far. I was excited to give it as a gift to the next mom-to-be. So if anyone knows of an excellent replacement, I'd love to hear it!

~ Liz

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