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Week 23
~ But I Don't Want to Do Crunches!

Daddy putting together the strollerEven though I thought it was kind of early in the pregnancy, I suspected I might have been having some Braxton-Hicks contractions already. My stomach would get hard as a rock for a few seconds in some areas and was taking on some very strange shapes. Then on Sunday I thought it would be my day to relax and take it easy so I slept in late, had a small breakfast and planted myself on the sofa waiting for David to get home from his night shift. After about 20 minutes my stomach started to rise as it squeezed itself into a hard ball around my belly button and then it squeezed even harder and stayed that way for about two minutes until it finally eased up and relaxed. Ten minutes later it happened again, and again 30 minutes or so after that. I wouldn't say it "hurt" but it sure wasn't comfortable and after 4 or 5 hours of my uterus exercising on its own against my will, I was getting a little tired.

finished strollerThe funniest part was David's reaction. I had told him about the contractions but he must have thought I was just tired and grumpy so he asked if I wanted to go to a movie. No way! I was in bed by 9 pm that night. Two nights later I asked if he wanted to see my tummy contracting. He said okay, so I pulled down the blanket and pulled up my shirt and we watched as the center of my stomach rose showing the whole shape of my uterus and two hard lumps that I assumed were a little head and a bottom that made me smile. But David's reaction, "Oh my god! Is that supposed to happen? Maybe you should call Dr. Lyn. Oh my god!" was very surprising. Then, during the hardest part of the contraction, the baby punched or kicked and David was sure it was getting squeezed to death in there. This is all new and strange to me, too, but David is an ER doctor and has delivered lots of babies so I didn't think anything would phase him. Now I'm reminded that the closer this baby gets to being born, the more he worries about something terrible happening because, unfortunately, he sees that all the time, too.

So we're focusing on the positive: The little kicks and squirms brought on by my laughing or singing, the wonder of tiny newborn baby clothes, the excitement of our family, friends and neighbors as they see my belly getting bigger. Just 16 more weeks to go until this little person gets here! Dad completed his first baby project this week, putting together the stroller. He won't admit it, but I know he was very proud of his accomplishment! Let's hope he is equally as enthusiastic when all the nursery furniture gets here.

~ Liz

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