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Week 25
~ We've Reached Viability!

I can't even describe the feeling of relief that came over me when my doctor said those three words at my last appointment! I started to look up information on babies born at 26 weeks but made myself stop. There's no threat of a premature delivery unless it's possible for this baby to tear it's way right through my skin like that creature from the movie Alien, which it sometimes feels like it will! And why waste time worrying about that when there are so many fun things to keep myself busy with?

This week I finished my guest list for the baby shower and found out that one of the girls giving the shower who lives right across the street is growing another friend for my baby! They were disappointed by a very early miscarriage a few months ago, too, so when she called and said she thought she might see a very faint line on the pregnancy test stick, I was at her front door before we even hung up. This week she got to see and hear her baby's heart for the very first time at exactly 6 weeks.

Now that I am very obviously pregnant, I've suddenly joined a special club. I get asked by strangers all the time when I'm due and if this is my first baby. The girls at work apparently find it very hard to keep a straight face and take me seriously when I'm angrily complaining about a problem since my old scrubs have reached their limit in the belly area (I ordered new ones this week). They come into the lab all the time to feel the baby move and kick. I'm a regular at Barnes and Noble and a guy who works there that I've probably seen a hundred times but never spoke to other than at the checkout counter came up to me and gave me a shocked look and then a big smile and said, "I thought I saw you in the pregnancy section a few months ago and I see I was right!" We talked for almost 30 minutes since it turns out he has a 2 year old and his wife just had their second baby last month.

I've been having lots of back pain so I signed up for water aerobics at the local YWCA and I'm hoping it'll bring some relief. I also registered for childbirth classes which will be every Monday night in September from 6-9 pm and I'm really looking forward to learning relaxation techniques and more about what to expect when the big day finally arrives! We also chose the crib and a rocker for the nursery so things are moving right along.

I know I'm driving David crazy complaining one minute about back pain, contractions and my poor bruised internal organs and the very next minute feeling sad that this pregnancy is getting close to the end. The way I see it, I'm growing and already getting to know the baby that he is eventually going to meet, fall in love with and wonder over how this new person ever got here - my roller coaster of complaints and emotions are my way of trying to describe that process now and it isn't always pretty! But if his endless patience and willingness to help out whenever he can are any indication of the kind of father he is going to be, then this is one lucky kid!!

~ Liz

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