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Week 27
~ Queen for a Weekend

Finally the work was done, the week was over and I headed to the airport to visit my family in New York. David wasn't able to come this time because of work so it was just me and baby. Hard to believe it's been 11 weeks since our trip to Florida! I was in bad need of a break from all the work, stress, and things that always need to be done here at home. There's nothing like visiting Mom when you need a break and I was just looking forward to a change of scenery and being able to relax, instead I was spoiled for the entire weekend!

On Friday we took a train to the city for some baby shopping and found the cutest store called The Pink Olive. I've been to New York lots of times with my family but I can see how the city can be a whole new adventure when you're visiting with kids. There are lots of children's museums, the Bronx Zoo and The New York Aquarium. We sat in central park to people watch and I noticed the stroller I got on ebay was everywhere. If these city people use them to walk these busy city blocks including subway rides and New York city apartments, I think I must have made a good choice. Being there for just one day didn't give us much time for eating but we still somehow managed to eat lunch at The Excellent Dumpling, a very appropriately named favorite Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, a delicious and very decadent crab leg dinner at City Crab, and even squeezed in a slice of lemon cheesecake at Cafe Lalo on W 83rd street.

cakeOn Saturday I got a surprise baby shower! My mom made my favorite chicken enchiladas with spanish rice and beans. And there were two kinds of cake, one chocolate and one lemon. Delicious! We got so many beautiful baby things like clothes, books and toys. My mom gave me a pajama that used to be mine and the first one my sister wore the day she was born. There were even some gifts just for me like a body pillow from my brother Gabe and his wife Candice. No more having to carefully adjust and arrange three pillows when I go to bed and then again every time I change positions at night. And my oldest brother treated me to a full body pregnancy massage at a nice little spa close to where they live.

showerMostly it was fun just to be around my family. Being a family of five kids makes a party anytime we can all be together. This baby got so much attention and it isn't even born yet. When we got back home I think it wondered where all those people went. Everyone got to feel it moving and kicking. My sister put her cheek on my belly one night and said "hello in there" and got a good kick right back. This is the last time my family will see me pregnant (except Mom, who I hope will make it in time for the delivery). The next time we visit everyone will get to meet my baby in person! I hope someday, many years from now, this boy or girl will read this and appreciate that they were loved by lots of people, not just Mom and Dad, before they were even born.

~ Liz

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