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Week 28
~ So Much for My Week of Luxury

The very day I got home from my wonderful long weekend in New York, which was a Tuesday, it was right back to work. This is usually what happens since I'm self-employed. The doctor is pretty good about letting me have time off as long as I can finish everything that needs to be done during the time I will be gone before I leave, and when I get back I always have to work a little harder to catch up on things that started to pile up. I love to complain, but it's always been worth it to me to be able to work part-time, make excellent money and have my own schedule and I've handled it this way for several years now. But I guess traveling all day and then going to work until almost 8 pm on the same day wasn't a very good idea for a pregnant girl.

That night and the next my braxton-hicks contractions seemed unusually strong. On Thursday night they became a little painful and were way down low with pain in my back. I'd also been wondering for the past few days if maybe I had a UTI and I know that infections can cause preterm labor. The last straw was when we pulled out the old doppler and the baby's heart rate was only at 114. Off we went to labor and delivery at 11 o'clock at night. By the time I filled out paper work and got into triage I thought the contractions had stopped but they hooked me up to the tocodynamometer anyway and said I was having lots of irregular contractions so they started me on an IV in case they were being caused by dehydration and gave me a shot of terbutaline to calm my uterus. They had a hard time getting a reading on the baby's heartbeat because it moved around so much and they thought it was funny how much it kicked or punched so we could actually see it bouncing the fetal monitor on my belly.

We were there for four hours and I hated every minute of it! David went to his office downstairs since he wasn't allowed in triage with me. Did they absolutely have to give me terbutaline when they did an internal exam and saw that my cervix was completely closed? I still have a huge dark purple bruise on my arm (one week later) that everyone asks about from the nurse very roughly yanking the IV needle out when the bag was empty and I had to go to the bathroom. I'm very confused because they told me I had to come back if I started having contractions again but in that case, I'd be there almost every night. No way! How can anyone have a baby this way? That was the least calming and quiet, most uncomfortable environment I can think of to be strapped down in when you're already scared and in pain about to give birth. Add this night to my list of reasons to try to labor at home for as long as possible!

ultrasoundThere was, however, a light at the end of the tunnel. When we walked out of there in the wee hours of Friday morning I remembered that I had an appointment with the fetal maternal specialist on Monday and would get another peek at our little trouble-maker very soon! David came with me to that appointment too and our joy and surprise from seeing this chubby little face pop up on the screen quickly turned to worry when the doctor said it was measuring almost 3 weeks ahead and already a little over 3 pounds when it should be closer to 2. I also had a lot of extra amniotic fluid, all of which could be signs of gestational diabetes. I was scheduled for the dreaded 3 hour glucose tolerance test that I thought I had weasled my skinny little self out of! So I'm really hoping to begin my journal entry next week with negative results from that test, which actually turned out not to be so bad at all, probably because I had that baby picture in my hands to look at that just made every hour and needle stick float by like a dream!

But did you get a good look at those precious lips and big eyes with, as the sono tech pointed out, very long lashes?!! In case you're thinking it, I, too, thought that was the profile of a beautiful black baby. A mix up in the fertility lab? Well, if someone (perhaps a football player and his wife, judging by the size) doesn't have a skinny hispanic/white baby that they've been growing all this time to hand me, then I'm keeping this one! And David says we'll take both and raise them as twins like Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

~ Liz

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