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Week 30
~ That Tramp Was Right After All!

RipleyDon't worry, I'm not taking advice from any homeless wanderers or promiscuous women. I'm talking about the Disney cartoon dog, Tramp, who tried to warn Lady that "when the baby moves in, the dog moves out!" We've always seemed to bend over backwards to make sure that changing anything in this house required an exceptable substitution for the animals who run the place first. The cats, Ripley and Louie, were banished from our bedroom at night months ago so we made the guest room nice and comfy for them. Now it's time to kick them out again to set up a nursery. I love my pets but, for now, things have to change.

LouieI ordered scat mats and motion activated spray cans to try to train them to stay out of the baby's room even if the door is left open. I've also been trying to spend less time with the dog, Piper, partly because I'm so tired and partly because The Dog Whisperer says it'll make the transition easier. So far, I haven't seen any changes that would make me think they suspect something is different. We'll have to wait until the baby gets here to see what they think. I just hope everyone will get along and when the baby gets old enough he/she thinks they are fun and loves them too. They really are the cutest pets and hardly cause any trouble. And here's a warning to you, baby: if you ever want to send your dad into a rage, just try and be mean to one of these animals. We hope to teach you about respect and responsibility starting with them.

PiperAlso this week, I had a visit to my regular doctor. She measured my belly, listened to the heart beat and reviewed my birth plan. Everything looks great so far and now I'm on to appointments every two weeks instead of once a month! When I looked at the Week by Week Pregnancy Guide on this site, it says the baby is nearly 3 pounds. Mine was estimated at a little over 3 pounds two weeks ago and I'm starting to get very nervous! Dr. Lyn suspects an early delivery and reminded me that a baby born now has a greater than 95% chance of survival and every day from now on just improves things like lung maturity and brain development. She says starting at 36 1/2 weeks I'm free to try raspberry or chamomile tea, lots of walking, and anything else we can think of to give the delivery a nudge. I lost part of my mucous plug a few days ago but it'll probably collect again and it wasn't accompanied by any unusual contractions or bleeding so I hope it's just a sign that I might start thinning and dilating soon!

Next week is my baby shower and we start child birth classes so it's going to be a fun and busy one!

~ Liz

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