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Week 31
~ Baby Shower!

Baby ShowerThis week was an especially fun and stress free, one full of exciting things to look forward to! The doctor's office where I work is going to be closed for a whole two weeks so I was finally free to set up an appointment for my pregnancy photos, which will be next Sunday, and to really start getting my house organized for all the things we need to bring home a new baby. And what better way to start than with another baby shower? I couldn't believe the day had finally arrived. When my friend Jody first suggested it, I thought October 3rd was so far away but time just keeps flying by and before I knew it, that Saturday was here! My girlfriends gave me a beautiful shower with little birds and nests as the theme. The cake was simple but elegant and, most importantly, delicious! And the party favors and door prizes were so very cute! We got tons of beautiful baby things and, because there were several new moms there, I got lots of very helpful advice about the things that no new mom should be without. It was so much fun! I went home and sat in the soon-to-be-nursery with David to show him all the stuff but it still hasn't really sunk in that he is going to be a dad!


Earlier in the week I went to Hobby Lobby and bought everything I needed to make a mural of a tree on the wall in the baby's room. My plan is to hang framed family pictures on the branches since both of our families live far away and we will want the baby to know who everyone is. I'm not an expert but I have a beautiful picture of this tree in my head and I hope the one I paint turns out just as nice since David is very busy with work and won't have time to paint over my mistake if this mural turns out to be a disaster! So far, it's just a pencil outline and all I can say is, thank goodness for Mr. Clean magic eraser!

On Sunday night I went to bed looking forward to our first child birth class the next day. I'm so excited that David is coming with me because having him participate in something like this might make the baby feel a little more real to him. It makes me laugh to think of both of us, especially him, pretending that I'm in labor with a room full of strangers. It's going to embarrass him but I just have to ask the instructor to get a good picture of us sitting on the floor huffing and puffing for my journal!

Later . . .
I must have dozed off in the middle of my thoughts that night. At about 3:00 am I suddenly sat up in bed having felt a small gush of fluid. I got up and went to the bathroom and saw that I was right! Here we go to the L&D department in the middle of the night again. . . . .

~ Liz

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