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Week 7
~ Our Very First Baby Picture

When you do IVF the "getting pregnant" part is no surprise. I know after all the money spent, injections and blood work, time set aside for appointments and procedures, there could be no words to describe how incredibly disappointed you'd feel if it didn't work. By this time we had known for almost three weeks that something was growing in there but I was still a nervous wreck the whole time and the wait from the last blood test until the first ultrasound seemed to take forever.

And now I also know that no matter how much it was what you were hoping for and expecting to see, there are no words to describe the first time you get to see that little heartbeat fluttering on the screen!! Before he started, the doctor said, "We're hoping to find one heartbeat, there might be two, and we hope we don't find any more than that." From the look on his and the nurse's face the minute he put the transducer in and looked up at the screen, I knew there were two. He turned the screen towards us and said "David, if you come over here and take a look . . ." and there on the screen was a black circle with one little bean inside that had a flashing spot in the center. He said, "Do you see that?" and David got a big smile on his face. Then the doctor said, "and over here..." and moved the wand to another black circle. This one had nothing inside and we both immediately thought it was an empty sac that had started to grow with no baby inside. The doctor said, "I'm going to have to push on your stomach a little." He pushed down hard on my belly and another little bean popped up into the circle. He steadied the picture and we saw its little heart fluttering in the center, too!

First PictureThe second he stopped pushing on my belly that little baby disappeared back to where it had been hiding and I turned to look at David. Surprisingly, his smile had dropped and his face was bright red. Men never tell you all about what they're thinking, but I know he was happy while at the same time immediately thinking about the logistics of it all (kids, from day one you will know this is just how your father is--there is nothing we can do to change it, believe me, I've tried!). It's a good thing I had my sister-in-law with me. While David walked behind us in shock, we were happy as clams wondering all about the babies. Would it be two boys, two girls or one of each? Would one be dark like me and the other light like David? Would one be good and the other evil? And all sorts of other giddy nonsense that I'd be too embarrassed to write about.

Interestingly, before we went in for the ultrasound my sister-in-law (Aunt Irma) and I were in the bathroom and she asked me what my gut told me we would find? I said, "I think it's twins." And I was right! That day my usual doctor got stuck in surgery so another doctor did the ultrasound. The waiting room was more crowded than I had ever seen it but we still didn't have to wait long. Maybe it was because they were so far behind, but I was a little disappointed that we weren't told how many beats per minute the hearts were beating or exactly how many millimeters the babies measured. I had come prepared with all the information for an embryo at 6 weeks, 5 days gestation. I still want all the information ASAP so we will just have to pay a visit to the hospital where David works to have one more ultrasound done to find out. I know my mom would tell me to just leave those babies alone for a minute, but I can't survive the next two weeks without the statistical data to prove that they are right on track. Besides, what good is having a doctor for a husband if he can't sneak you in for something as fun as an extra look at your brand new little 7-9 mm babies?

~ Liz

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