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Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal
Lizelle and Corne
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal.

Lizelle (27) and her husband Corne (29) live in South Africa. They were married June 11, 2006 after being together for seven years. This is Lizelle's pregnancy journal week by week to the birth of her daughter, Jaide, on October 14, 2007, born in water without any medication!

Lizelle's Journal Entries

Meet Lizelle

Week 4

Week 5
Strange things are happening

Week 6

Week 7
A Normal Week

Week 8
Lots of Changes

Week 9
Work, work, work, work . . . tired!

Week 10
What a horrible week!

Week 11
Much better

Week 12
Truly Amazing

Week 13

Week 14
I love cake!

Week 15

Week 16
Something Is Moving!

Week 17
I feel pregnant

Week 18
Mother's Day

Week 19
Goodbye Doctor

Week 20
It's a . . .

Week 21
Growth Spurt!

Week 22
Anniversaries and Power Failures

Week 23 & 24
Busy Week

Week 25

Week 26
Week what?!

Week 27
This little girl is growing!

Week 28
Growing Pains

Week 29
Nursery work!

Week 30

Week 31
Much Better

Week 32
Blood Pressure Scare!

Week 33
Baby Showers!

Week 34
Spring Has Sprung!

Week 35
Almost there

Week 36
I'm Sick!

Week 37
Long Weekend

Week 38
Finishing up at work

Week 39
What Iíll miss about being pregnant

Week 40
Birth Story

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