Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 11 - 27 March 2007
~ Much better!

Thank goodness all the fighting has come to an end. Corne and I finally had a good talk (without all the screaming and storming out) and we sorted things out and we're back to normal. He doesn't want to come with me to the doctor visits so I said that's fine. I'll take my mom who's more than happy to go with me. I'm just so glad all the tension between us has been resolved and I can relax now.

I didn't end up going to my friend's barbeque on the public holiday and instead went to see a movie with another friend who was also feeling down (she just broke up with her boyfriend). It was so nice just to get out the house and we had fun and we both felt better afterwards without even talking about our problems. It's amazing how just the company of a good friend can make you feel better.

The weekend we went out to the casino for a show with my parents. The last time we went to one of those shows was just before we got married. It was so strange because I remember how much we drank that time and all the shooters and cocktails we had. This time I couldn't drink at all. I really miss having a social drink now and then but it just won't feel right doing so. Otherwise it was a fun outing.

Tomorrow is my next scan and I'm looking forward to seeing the baby again. Since all this tension between Corne and me has been resolved I've started looking forward to having this baby and it's starting to feel like I'm pregnant. I still don't have any morning sickness or any other symptoms except feeling very bloated and having a lot of GAS. Sorry for the details but that's all I can report on. I still haven't picked up any weight either, which I'm happy about. To my surprise the doctor didn't even weigh me the first time I went in. He just advised me that I don't need to pick up more than 1kg per month. So I'm trying to watch what I eat. I haven't had much cravings either. Except this one time I really felt like having a beer, and I don't drink beer usually so that's weird. I had a ginger ale instead and I craved those gassy bubbles, which is also strange because I don't usually like gassy cool drinks.

Oh well, till next time then . . . have a good week everyone

~ Lizelle

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