Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12 Ė 3 April 2007
~ Truly Amazing

I have to admit that any pregnancy symptoms I had, although not a lot, have started fading. It must be true what they say about the 12th week getting better. Iím still tired at night but during the day I seem to cope now. Iím not so gassy anymore and the queasiness I had some mornings are also gone. Yippee!

I went for another scan last Wednesday. I must admit when I saw how much the baby had grown in two weeks I had a little tear in my eye. Itís truly amazing. Baby was 49.8mm and I saw arms and legs and it was moving around. My due date has changed to October 12th. I have a feeling this babyís going to be big. Well I hope it has its father's genes and turn out to be tall and skinny. As long as it looks like me thatís fine. Also it turns out that my blood group is O negative and that can be bad if Corne's blood group is positive, then the baby might have a positive blood group and then my blood can "attack" the baby's blood. If that's the case I just need to get some injection. The doctor doesn't seem to be worried about it. My next visit is on the 4th May and then my mom will go with me. She's so excited to see the baby. I must admit, me too.

This weekend Corne went away for a race with the boys. He's into off road racing and started getting serious about it last year again. He used to do it when he was in school, but I think recently he's been able to afford it again. It is a very expensive hobby. He bought himself a new bike this year and this was his first official race. He even got a sponsor. He was like a little kid. He ended up being 27th in his class, which is not bad for the first time.

I went out on Friday night to a friend's house for a karaoke evening. It was much fun except that everyone kept drinking shots on the baby and I just had to have juice. It's strange for me cause I'm always the first one to pull out the Tequila. I ended up sleeping over at another friend's house and we got to bed around 01h30. Well the next morning I felt like I had a hangover. Headache and so tired. I felt horrible.

I can't wait for the weekend. We have Friday and Monday off for Easter! I'm going to rest!

Everyone have a good holiday!

~ Lizelle

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