Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13 Ė 10 April 2007
~ Easter

I canít believe Easter weekend is over. I didnít do much at all this weekend but lie on the couch and watch TV. It was just what I wanted to do but then I felt a bit guilty because thereís so much to do at home and I wasted all that time. Maybe itís also because I was sick this weekend with flu and didnít have much energy anyway. Itís horrible to be sick and not being able to take medicine to feel better.

On Saturday I went shopping with my dad to buy some furniture and things he needs for when he moves down here next month. And on Monday Corne and I went shopping for clothes. He got a lot of things for him but I just didnít have the strength to actually look for something for me so we went home. I better get in the mood one of these days as I feel I have absolutely nothing to wear. Itís also getting cold here now. Winter is definitely coming. How depressing. I hate winter. Iím definitely a summer person.

Pregnancy wise Iíve been feeling fine. Iíve just been going to the toilet a lot again. It feels like the baby is on top of my bladder. Iíd just get this sudden urge to really go to the toilet very badly and then I go and thereís like 3 seconds of pee. Itís really annoying because when we were out shopping everywhere we went I had to go to the loo first. Hopefully the baby will start moving up soon and take some pressure off. Iíve also been having some trouble sleeping like I used to. I have to go to the loo in the middle of the night and then when I go back to bed I canít fall asleep again. Itís like my mind wakes up and I just think about all these things and I canít switch off again. And then I wake up at 05h00 or 05h30, which is way before I usually get up and I canít fall asleep again. I just lie there waiting for the right time to get up and shower. I guess I have to get use to waking up early anyway but not yet.

Iíve been thinking about the babyís room and what I want to do there. I have a feeling the nesting bug is going to hit me soon. I want to clean all the rooms and get new curtains and clear out the cupboard for baby. I know I donít want to leave it for last because I probably wonít have the strength to do it then but I also want to know whether itís a boy or a girl first before I make any major decisions. My next appointment is only in a month and I doubt weíll be able to see the sex then already. I have a feeling itís a boy. Iíve had this feeling from the start but I know it doesnít mean much. My best friend was convinced she was having a boy and it turned out to be twin girls so youíll never know until you know for sure.

Iíll try and include a pic next week. I donít really think Iím showing yet because I had a stomach to start with but it definitely feels like my belly is sticking out more that usual.

Everyone have a good week!

~ Lizelle

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