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Week 14 Ė 17 April 2007
~ I love cake!

Ok fine I admit it! I have a craving. A very bad one. I want cake, and lots of it. I never really had a big sweet tooth before and was always more of a savory person, but recently I have developed an unnatural relationship with sweets and cakes and muffins and ice cream and chocolate and toast with jam and basically anything that is sweet. While Iím typing this Iím getting my keyboard all covered in vanilla and strawberry muffin and I just had to unbutton my pants because they are actually causing me abdominal pain. I just realized it a couple of minutes ago that itís because my pants are too tight.

But Iím not blaming my sweet, wonderful, fulfilling cake for this because I havenít actually picked up any weight yet. So Iím blaming the baby. I actually started wearing some of my maternity pants last week because they are just so much more comfortable. Itís just so difficult to get dressed in the morning because I still think I look ridiculous in maternity shirts and everything else I own just looks and feels even more ridiculous. I wish I could come to work in sweat pants and a T-shirt. Something is definitely growing down there. And I know I said Iíll post a pic this week but I havenít gotten round to actually take one so next week Iíll try and do it.

Other than my obviously expanding waist line I feel fine. Nothing to report actually. I had my first unexpected attack of heartburn this weekend, but it was manageable.

This morning we took my brother and his girlfriend to the airport. They are going to Namibia for the week. They got a free trip down there through her work. On the way back I drove over a brick that was lying in the road and had a flat tire. I felt like such an idiot. Itís like, I see the brick and adjust my course so that I can drive over it and not miss it at all and then afterwards I thought, ďOops I shouldnít have done that!Ē Iíve been doing more and more stupid things lately. I lost my car keys inside my car the other day and I got lost on my way home from work. Pregnancy brain must be setting in.

This weekend Corne is going away again with the boys for a riding weekend. This time itís just for fun and not a race. So I will be home alone again. I have a lot to do at home so I donít mind. And now I also have to go and buy new tires and get my car washed because it is so filthy.

Otherwise Iím waiting patiently till my next doctorís appointment. Iím actually thinking of changing doctors but will tell you about it next time.

Have a good one!

~ Lizelle

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