Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15 Ė 24 April 2007
~ Birthdays

April sure does go quickly. We have so many public holidays in April. This week is short again because Friday is Freedom day. I think it was the day Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Then on Tuesday itís Workers day. Donít know why but thatís fine. I put in a dayís leave for Monday so Iíll have a five-day break. Yeah! Itís the last long weekend weíll have in a long time so we have to enjoy it. We are not going away but I have a lot of organizing and cleaning to do at home and then just resting. Corne has also promised to spend some time with me and not on his bike. Weíll see if that really happens.

Itís his 29th birthday today! My brother and I went scouting for presents on Sunday cause itís his girlfriend's birthday on the 28th as well. So we ended up buying Corne a Kit bag for all his racing gear and Body Armor that I thought was real cool but he doesnít seem to like it very much. Something about it not protecting his color bone. I told him he could go and exchange it for something else. He liked the Kit bag. At least I got one out of two. Itís so difficult to buy him presents. Everything he likes is so expensive and he is so picky about the things he wants you canít ever just surprise him cause look what happened now. He doesnít like it. Ahhh men!!!

Well it was his sisterís birthday yesterday as well so Iím very broke now after buying them all presents. April is a short but expensive month! Tonight Iím making a Roast and his sister is coming to visit and weíll have a nice birthday dinner for them. Oh well, I tried.

Otherwise Iíve been well except for some indigestion and heartburn. I guess thatís just part of the process. Nothing excessive. Iíve been trying to really concentrate hard to see if I feel the baby move yet but Iím not sure. I read somewhere that you could start feeling the baby move around now but because itís my first pregnancy I might mistake it for stomach rumblings or miss it completely. Maybe baby has to grow a little stronger for me to feel something. I canít wait though. I really donít feel that pregnant yet. I know I am but except for my clothes not fitting and indigestion, thereís nothing else? Oh wait there is something else. My skin! Itís terrible! I have constant breakouts. I hate it. Iíve never really had perfect skin but it was ok the last couple of years. I know itís hormonal but itís really annoying. I wish that would go away!

I mentioned last week that Iím thinking of changing doctors. Not that thereís something wrong with my doctor itís just that he doesnít practice at the clinic where Iím thinking of delivering at and also because Iíve heard that he pushes for caesarians and I donít want one unless I have to. I want to go to the clinic one day and have a look around and get the names of the doctors who do practice there and take it from there. From what Iíve heard itís more like a birthing center that a hospital and thatís what I want. We donít have birthing centers in South Africa and when you have your baby in a hospital itís such a medical thing and I donít think itís necessary. Having a baby is not an illness. Well Iíll keep you posted.

Have a good week everyone.

~ Lizelle

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