Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 16 Ė 2 May 2007
~ Something Is Moving!

Yes, at first I thought I was imagining it but now I know it's not me. Something is moving down there. I started feeling it last week and it has been there every day. Itís very light, almost like a muscle twitch just below my belly button. I know it's not my muscle because I had a twitching muscle in my stomach when I just got pregnant and it does not feel the same. It's also not gas because for the amount of gas I've had I can surely say that I can tell the difference between gas and that! So it must be little bambino saying hello. It's not all day long, maybe in the mornings and evenings a bit and I feel it the best when I'm lying still on my back. It's weird, but nice. My friend has told me she only started feeling something at 20 weeks and it's probably gas but I don't think so. It's always in the same spot and it's unlike any gas I've ever felt.

Well other than that I've picked up 3 kgs (6 lbs). Which now puts my total gain at 3kgs and seeing that I'm four months along and the doctor said I shouldn't pick up more than 1kg (2 lbs) per month I'm taking that as ok. I must say I haven't really been watching what I eat, and eating a lot of chocolates and cakes (did I mention I love cake!). I went out this weekend and bought some fruit and yogurt and I'm going to try and eat healthy snacks from now on.

We had a nice long weekend but it was really cold! There was some snow on the mountain and we always have icy weather when it snows on the mountain. Winter is truly here! I hate winter!

Well we did a whole lot of nothing the weekend accept Corne put in an extra cupboard in our study so I could start moving all the stuff in the baby's room into that cupboard. We did that yesterday and cleared out a lot of things that could be thrown away. I also repacked my cupboard and put all my clothes that don't fit away and threw out a lot of things I never wear any more. It's so nice to open my cupboard now and only see clothes that fit! It makes getting dressed in the mornings a lot easier. Now we still have to do Corne's as well. With all the cleaning up I came across my brother's and my stuffed animals we had when we were children and my dolls and all my dolls clothes I use to play with. What a trip down memory lane. I washed it all and put it in the baby's cupboard. It's so nice to think my baby will play with some of my favorite toys from when I was young. It feels like yesterday that I played with them. Ah how time flies.

We also went looking at some prams and camping cots this weekend. I saw the nicest pram with car seat combo. It's red and black with one wheel in the front and looks really sporty. Itís R2000.00, which works out to about $280.00. Itís a lot but I want it. I think I'll ask my dad to buy it for us as a present. I'm sure he won't mind and he can afford it.

Well my next appointment is on Friday. I'll be 17 weeks then but maybe the baby will have grown so much it will put my due date even closer still. I can't wait to see him/her.

Till next week . . . Have a good one.

~ Lizelle

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