Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17 Ė 9 May 2007
~ I feel pregnant

Yes, it has finally happened. I feel pregnant. My stomach is sticking out and I look pregnant. I feel the baby move everyday now. Still very lightly, but it is moving. I actually feel great. I sleep well, I donít go to the toilet that much anymore, I have no heartburn, my cravings have died down a bit, and my skin is looking better. Other than all of those positive things, it is getting more difficult to put my shoes on and bending over and getting up from the couch is uncomfortable. Itís not that my stomach is too big, itís just that I have to get use to there being something there and it hurts if you squash it.

I had my checkup on Friday and my mom came with me. She was so excited to see the baby and if she wasnít before, she is now totally in love with it. The doctor was annoying. He didnít really measure anything on the scan and didnít even try and see what the sex is. He said the scan was just for my enjoyment and that the next one will be better. Iím a bit upset about it because even though I love seeing the baby, I donít know why he does a scan every single time I go and the scan costs R700.00 ($100) and itís just bleeding my medical aid dry. Maybe later on Iíll really need a scan and then Iíll have to pay out of my pocket because the medical aid is depleted.

He did say that the baby seems to be growing well. It is 14.4cm long already. I saw his/her little feet and toes and he/she was moving a lot, holding its head and stretching. I told the doctor I started feeling movement and he said itís very early because most woman only feel movement the first time at 20 weeks. He held the scan on my tummy and said ďLook there the baby moved, did you feel that?Ē And I did! Like he really didnít believe me. And to top that, he asked me if I thought about how I wanted to have the baby, and I said I would like a natural birth. So then he said I must explain to him why, so I said because I think itís better for me and the baby and I want to experience normal childbirth. I donít want an operation. Well then he spent the next 5 minutes explaining to me how you recover just the same after a caesarian as you do from normal childbirth. I said to him itís not just because of the operation, I just want to do it normally. So he kept on asking if I wanted an epidural. So I said no, I want no pain medication. He just annoyed me. Thatís why I want to get another doctor because I knew this was coming. He just loves caesarians because itís more money for him and itís planned. Never mind the fact that Iím the one having the baby, not him! Iím going to try and get another doctor before my next appointment. One that will respect my wants.

On Sunday we had some friends over for a barbeque. It was nice to see everyone but a bit hectic because there were so many people. Corneís parents also came around for a quick visit. His mom drives me insane. She keeps saying things like, "You canít diet when youíre pregnant" and "Just donít wear any thing thatís too tight around your waist." Like I do any of these things? I try to ignore it because thatís just the type of person she is, but still sometimes I feel like saying to her please just shut up! Our best friends were there with the twins. It was nice seeing them again and seeing how the girls have grown. Itís just sad that our friendship is changing because they are so consumed with the twins itís like thereís almost no more room in their lives for us. I can understand it, itís just sad. We use to be very close. I wonder if our relationships with people will change like that once our baby is born.

I know I keep saying this but next week I promise Iíll post a pic.

Have a good week!

~ Lizelle

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