Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 18 Ė 15 May 2007
~ Mother's Day

Well it was Mother's Day on Sunday. Not a public holiday but like Valentine's Day, only to celebrate your mother and to shower her with gifts. Personally I think itís just another money making scheme but every year I canít resist buying something special for my mom and this year was no different. I got her a box of exclusive sweets and chocolates that she loves and we took her out for a nice breakfast. Well this year was the first time I actually got Mother's Day Smsís from friends and family saying that next year Iíll be celebrating Mother's Day as well. It is weird to think Iíll be a mother soon but Iím looking forward to it more and more each day.

Iíve been dreaming about giving birth lately. I guess itís been on mind a lot. I bought this book last year when my best friend was pregnant about Hypnobirthing. I find it very interesting and if you read the birth stories of the woman who gave birth through the technique youíll be amazed. I know I was. Iíve started reading the book now and Iím looking for a place where I can do a course on it. Itís a fairly new thing here in South Africa but Iím hoping to get some help somewhere. Iíve also found a clinic close to home that has an Active Birth Unit. That is something like a birthing centre with midwives and doulas and water birthing facilities. I really want to have a normal birth with as little intervention as possible. The nice thing about this place is that they encourage it and that is exactly what an Active Birth means. The clinic is on the same premises as the hospital so if you do have an emergency there are doctors and facilities these. Iím taking my mom and aunt on Saturday and we are going to have a look and hopefully get the doctors' names that practice there and make an appointment with one of them. Iím really excited about this and I hope it turns out as I wish.

Well back to the dream I had last night. I dreamt I had a son and he had blond hair and I fell in love with him immediately. When I woke up this morning I just wanted to close my eyes and return to him. It was amazing.

I still feel the baby move everyday but it is still very light and some days more that other days. I canít wait for him to get big enough for me the definitely know when he moves.

Otherwise itís been an uneventful week. I finally got around to having my brother take a belly pic of me. So you can see what Iíve been growing these last couple of months. Just take note that this was taken at night after we had dinner and my stomach always looks bigger to me at night than it does in the morning. Enjoy!

Have a good week every one!

~ Lizelle

Lizelle's tummy Lizelle at 18 weeks

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