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Week 19 Ė 22 May 2007
~ Goodbye Doctor

Well Iím so happy! I finally found the name and address of the clinic I wanted to go check out and went there on Saturday morning with my mom. It was everything I dreamt of and more. When we got there we couldnít have a look at the rooms because they were all occupied but the kind lady showed us some photos and gave us all the information on the place. It looks like a hotel never mind a hospital. I was so impressed. They have 8 rooms with your own private bathroom and a bath suited for water birth in each room. The rooms have double beds in and a crib and soft and tranquil white linen and no medical equipment in sight. When you book in your midwife and birth partner are with you in the room. Nobody else disturbs you at anytime during the birth. When the baby is born, he never leaves the room and he stays there with you until you book out. You can get visitors any time of day and as many as you like. Itís all very private and homey and looks out onto the beautiful gardens and a golf course. They always have a doctor on standby if anything goes wrong and they have a theatre and NICU in case you need a caesarian. By the time I heard all this I had already made up my mind and booked myself in and paid my deposit. Itís a bit pricy but I donít care. I love it. And I get a free 3D scan because I paid my deposit so thatís booked already for the 4th August. After all the paperwork was done a room had become available and we were able to have a look at it. Even my mom was so happy about the place and loves it.

I also got a list of midwives that practice there and phoned one yesterday. I explained to her that I wanted to change doctors and would prefer to have a midwife instead and that I wanted to do the Hypnobirthing thing. She was very kind and understanding and told me about two of her previous moms who used the Hypnobirthing method and had beautiful births and that she doesnít have that much experience with it, as itís fairly new in South Africa but sheíll go through the book with me and help me where she can. I have an appointment with her on Thursday so it's bye bye doctor . . . hello midwife. I hope we get on well and that it all works out because now I have this perfect picture in my mind of how my birth is going to take place and Iím going to focus on that from now on. Good thoughts!

On the baby front nothing much is happening. Baby is still moving a bit each day and my stomach is definitely growing. I havenít picked up anymore weight in the last three weeks so thatís ok. Iíll probably have a scan booked soon after my visit to the midwife because itís the so important 20 week scan so hopefully weíll be able to see the sex of the baby. I can hardly control myself anymore I really want to start doing the nursery. But what color? I got the cot my aunt promised to give me and set it up this weekend. Now I just want to clean it properly and itíll be perfect. Itís hard to believe someone will be sleeping in it soon.

~ Lizelle

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