Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20 Ė 30 May 2007
~ It's a . . .

Lots of things happened in this week! I went to see the midwife on Thursday afternoon and we chatted about what type of birth I wanted and she gave me all her statistics and credentials. I must say I like her very much and I know sheís going to try and help me have the type of birth I want as much as possible. She also examined me and gave me some homeopathic tablets to take for iron and calcium and magnesium absorption. She said my stomach looks like a girl but she thinks it's a boy. Maybe because the baby was going crazy in there when she was poking him around and he was kicking so hard she actually saw it through my skin. The babyís heartbeat was very strong and she didnít struggle to find it on the doppler.

She gave me the name of the sonographer and I made an appointment to go see her on Saturday morning. I was so excited to know the sex of the baby. My mom and my brother ended up going with me. She was so nice and didnít mind at all that I had a whole entourage with me. She did all the measurements and everything looked normal and healthy and after trying for about 20 minutes to get in between the babyís legs to see the sex she still wasnít sure. The baby was keeping those legs very tightly together and he was lying with his bum underneath my navel. At one stage the legs were open a little bit and she said she didnít see anything there so maybe itís a girl. Then after that the umbilical cord was in between the legs as well so she wasnít sure. I was quite shocked at the possibility of it being a girl as I was so sure it is a boy. Well Iím going back in two weeks for another look. The baby measured 20 weeks and 2 days and EDD changed to 11 October 2007. Itís getting closer and closer.

I also sorted out my medical aid and got authorization for the hospital from them and Iím in the process of getting my blood test results form my other doctor otherwise I will have to go for the tests again. Everything is coming together now. The midwife is quite expensive though. Iím definitely going to have to pay in a substantial amount of money for her services. I would rather do that then end up with a doctor who doesnít support my wishes.

On Sunday we bought the first things for the baby. We got a new mattress for the pack and play and we bought a bag with a hundred nappies. Iím going to buy a bag every month when we go shopping now and start stocking up. Itís so expensive! On Saturday after the scan my mom and I went to my cousinsí baby shower. Sheís due to have her little girl the end of June. On Monday I found out my other cousinsí girlfriend is also pregnant. He is exactly one month older than me and we grew up together like brother and sister. Itís strange to think we are both going to have our first babies together. I guess the next generation of our family is definitely starting.

Till next week!

~ Lizelle

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