Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21 Ė 7 June 2007
~ Growth Spurt!

The baby is going through a growth spurt and as a result Iím too. Iíve noticed in the last three days that my stomach has grown noticeably bigger and I can feel it in my body. Iím a bit more uncomfortable. My body has to get use to the change again and then Iím sure Iíll be fine. I had some mild cramps this morning and Iíve picked up another kilogram. That brings my total gain to 5kg so far which is about 1kg per month so I guess itís ok. The baby was also moving a lot last night. Some days he/she hardly moves at all and other days it seems he/she moves all the time. I actually thought I felt the kick on the outside of my stomach last night it was so hard.

Otherwise Iím going for a scan again on Saturday morning so hopefully baby will show us more this time. Iím beginning to worry about not being able to find out the sex. A friend of mine said even if she wanted to know the sex before the time the baby never showed them right until the end. I just want to start decorating the nursery but I canít decide on a color. I was thinking maybe I must make it purple. Thatís sort of a nice color for both boys and girls. What are my other options? Green and yellow? Yippee!

Weíve decided to buy the chest of drawers for the nursery at the end of the month. Thatís the most expensive piece of furniture weíll have to buy so better get it done now. The money is worrying me a lot. My work has actually offered to pay me 60% of my salary if I come back sooner after having the baby and work half days for about two months. Itís nice on the one hand to know Iíll be earning some money but on the other hand I donít really want to leave my one month old baby somewhere even if it is just half day. Itís a bit depressing. They said we could work it out closer to the time and see how it goes. I know they really need me to work and are not just doing this for me. But I also really need the money. Ah!

Iíve been reading my Hypnobirthing book and am trying to get my mind in the right place about the birth. Itís something Iím looking forward too but am also a bit scared still. My goal is to resolve all my fears about having this baby before I go into labour. I hope Iíll be able to do it and have the birth I want. But I know realistically I also have to make peace with the fact that if something does happen and Iím not able to have the birth I want Iíll be ok with that and Iíll deal with it. Itís all in the mind! I really believe that.

Well I need to get back to work now. Hopefully next week Iíll know the sex! Hold thumbs!

~ Lizelle

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