Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 22 - 13 June 2007
~ Anniversaries and Power Failures

Well what a week this has been. On Saturday morning I went for another scan to see the sex if possible. Baby's legs were still closed but the sonographer says she's 80% sure it's a GIRL! She has changed position and the umbilical cord wasn't between her legs this time and she said if it was a boy it would have been obvious. So I guess I'm having a little girl. We're very happy about it. I was just so sure it was going to be a boy. It just shows you, you never know! Everything looked normal and healthy and she counted ten toes and fingers. Baby weighed 480gr and was 27cm long. That means she's grown almost 150gr in two weeks. No wonder I was noticing a growth spurt! She's also kicking up a storm and her kicks are getting stronger everyday. She loves trampolining on my bladder which she's doing right at this moment. So if all goes well and I get my way, we'll name her Jaide. This has been my favorite since the beginning and Corne seems to like it the best from all the names we've come up with so far.

On Sunday we went out for lunch with my parents to celebrate the fact that we're having a girl and also our anniversary. On Monday it was our one year anniversary. I was thinking about my wedding day and wishing we could have the day over again. I really loved my wedding day. It was the best. On the other hand I can't believe a year has gone by and to think next year this time we'll have a little baby in the house. How our lives have changed. We didn't do anything special which was kind of a bummer but we are saving our money for baby things now and for both our birthdays we gave each other expensive gifts. I wanted to go back to the wedding village and spend the night there because they have these beautiful rooms on the river but I just didn't have the money. I think next year we'll plan something special and celebrate properly. It is a bit difficult with me being pregnant and also it was on a weekday night and it is so cold here at the moment. Oh well!

Speaking of the cold, yesterday the power station that supplies half of our city burned down. This means we are without power. No hot water, no cooking, no TV and no HEAT! Luckily last week we went out and bought a gas heater. I just couldn't stand the cold anymore. Our house is freezing. We have no central heating in our houses here in South Africa because it doesn't get that cold here. We also live right across from the dam so it's even colder. I think it's going to take a week or so to fix the power station so we are going to have to rough it for a while! It really sucks! At least we have power here at work.

Speaking of work, I've been very busy and have so much to finish before Friday so I don't have long to write this week.

Have a good one . . .

~ Lizelle

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