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Week 23 & 24 Ė 25 June 2007
~ Busy Week

Sorry Iím late with my journal Iíll catch up today. I was so busy last week I never got a chance to write. We have deadlines at work and had to work some overtime everyday last week and this week Iíll have to again. Last week Saturday I also worked. Luckily Iím not that tired anymore so Iíve been coping pretty well.

Last week Thursday was my midwife appointment again. Everything is fine and the babyís growing well. She said I felt like a good 25 weeks already. I donít know if thatís the baby or me but somethingís growing. Sheís been really active everyday and every now and then when sheís been quiet for a while I poke at my stomach and she moves. Itís too cute.

I see the Gyne on the 24th on July again and then Iím going to have to decide whether I want the injection for being Rhesus negative now or only after the baby is born. The midwife told me she treats all her Rhesus negative moms the same. After the birth they test the babyís blood and mine and if the babyís positive, I get the injection and if the babyís negative I donít. She said most of the Gyneís give you two injections before the baby is born and then after do the same tests. But if the baby is negative I would have gotten the two injections for nothing and they are very expensive. I have to decide. My mom was the same as me and in those days they only got the injection after the birth of the baby and she was fine. But on the other hand what if my body does start making antibodies and I didnít get the injection? Then itís too late it canít be reversed and my future children could be at risk. I donít know what to do . . .

I also start my prenatal classes on the 23rd of July. Time is flying so quickly! I canít believe in three and a half months my baby will be born.

This weekend we bought the chest of drawers for the nursery and I bought new curtains and a duvet set for the single bed thatís in there. Itís too cute. Pink and purple with two little cats on it. I also got a nice mosquito net with pink and purple butterflies on it. Really girly. She better be a girl and not a boy otherwise we have a problem. Iíll take some photos when itís done and post them. Iíll also try and get another belly pic up next week.

We have had power failures again yesterday and this morning. Iím so annoyed about it! And tomorrow they are expecting another cold front so thatíll be wonderful if we have no power. The power is really getting to be a problem in the city because they just donít have the infrastructure to deal with the high demands and also they donít have any backup plans in place. When something goes wrong you must just sit patiently and wait till they fix it even if it takes a week. In the meantime they are increasing the rates to pay but we have no power. Itís really frustrating!

Well everyone have a good week!

~ Lizelle

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