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Week 25 ~ 3 July 2007
~ Snow!

Well some of you might think "so, what about snow?" Well I live in a city where it never snows! Ever! The last time it snowed in Johannesburg was apparently in 1981 and I was 1 year old then so I don't remember it. Well last week Wednesday I woke up, got ready for work and got a call from my dad at 06h30 in the morning. "It snowed! Look outside the window!" So I look outside and what do you know! SNOW. Proper white show covered everything outside. Ok so it wasn't deep or anything but I've never experienced it before. We were all like little children taking photos and calling everybody to ask if they had seen it. It started melting at around 11h00 in the morning and ever since then it's just been freezing cold here. Check out the photo of our garden at 06h30. Brrrrrr!


Other than that it was a pretty normal week. I worked on Saturday again to try and catch up. We're almost there. On Saturday night we went to watch this comedy show at the casino with my dad and brother. It was so funny I laughed so hard I had a pain in my side after the show. On Sunday I just slept and lay in front of the TV the whole day. A nice resting Sunday.

On the baby front things are going well. I have no complaints except for heartburn ever now and then. Some days I have it bad and other days I have nothing. I can definitely feel my stomach is sitting much higher than usual. Especially after a meal I feel so full I could explode! The baby has been moving a lot. I can feel her moving at different spots not just under my belly button like I did in the beginning. Corne still can't feel her if he puts his hand on my stomach. The other day I had a scare. She was having a very quiet day and didn't move at night at all. She usually moves a bit after dinner. In the morning I still didn't feel her move. So I had some juice and poked at my stomach a bit and eventually she moved. I was getting a bit worried there.

I've been trying to talk to her cause in the book that I'm reading it says you should as it helps you bond with the baby before birth. It still feels a bit awkward though. I don't know why it just does. It's a difficult concept of thinking of her as my daughter. It still feels so unreal sometimes. I'm so excited to meet her though. Pregnancy really is a very emotional journey.

I've been working on the nursery and it's starting to look like one now.

Three more months to go! Have a good week

~ Lizelle

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