Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26 ~ 10 July 2007
~ Week what?!

Can I be this far already? It still feels like I have five months left or something like that. Time has really flown! What's been happening this week?

It's been cold! Very cold. My cat has been the naughtiest he's ever been. I keep hoping it's just a phase and that he'll return to being the sweet and adorable little angel that I thought he was. I'm talking about Sanchez. The Delinquent! That's what we're calling him. In this last week he's caught 4 lovebirds and a chicken. All of which he's brought into the house, defeathered and ripped it's head off! Is this normal? I know he's just a cat and that cats like to catch birds but really, this is getting a bit much now. And it's only him? Daniel and Fiona are just normal well behaved cats? In the one breath I'm laughing but in the other I'm crying!

On the weekend I got to go pick up a gift pack from our medical aid. One good thing they've done. I got two different ones actually. One at a baby store the other and a clothing store. It had all nice goodies in. It felt like I had a baby shower already. I got a diaper bag, a baby grow, blanket, cloth nappy, two bottles, cream and soap samples, diaper discount vouchers, a really nice mother and baby book, sleep cd's for the baby, some toys and much more. It was so nice unpacking everything into the baby's room. It's really starting to feel like a nursery now. The nesting instinct has definitely kicked in now. I just want to buy buy buy!

On the other hand I've been looking around a bit for a daycare centre I can take my little angel to when I have to go back to work half day. It's going to be tough to find one because most of them don't take the babyies until they're 3 or 4 months old. If I can't find a place I'm going to have to try and bring her to work with me. I'll have to talk to my bosses first. I'm actually doing them a favour by coming back early so maybe they'll be understanding? It's beginning to stress me out a bit though!

Baby's still moving around a lot. I still have bouts of heartburn, and I've been feeling more and more uncomfortable in the night when I sleep. I keep waking up because my body is sore from lying in one position or I have to go to the loo. It's not bad yet I can fall asleep pretty easily again but still I can feel a change coming to that soon.

Well see my belly pics from week 25. It doesn't look that bad on the photo but it feels huge.


Have a nice week!

~ Lizelle

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