Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27 Ė 19 July 2007
~ This little girl is growing!

I can definitely feel Iíve been going through a growth spurt again these last two weeks. My stomach seems bigger and higher than it was. This little girl is growing and I can feel her moving all over my abdomen. Iíve been dreaming about her a lot as well. Itís getting very real for me now and thoughts of how my daughter will look bring me to tears. Maybe itís just a bit of hormones but I can get very emotional sometimes. Her room is almost done and Iíve gotten such nice gifts from friends and family already. Sheís going to be so loved by everyone!

Another promising thought is that my mom might be quitting her job to take care of the baby. Sheís so unhappy at work and sheís getting too old for all the stress. She use to be a day mother when I was in school and she use to take care of two little babies and she loved it. If she can get about 3 or 4 babies to look after sheíll make the same or more money than sheís earning now. Iím very happy about this cause at least Iíll know the baby will be well looked after and safe. Iíve been stressing about when I have to go back to work because most nursery schools only take the babies from 3 months on. Hopefully it will work out.

Iím still very busy at work but Iím enjoying it. I hardly have time to think about being pregnant. Iíve told my boss that Iíd like to go on maternity leave from the 1st October. She seems to be fine with that. That will give me about two weeks to get everything ready and to prepare myself for the BIG DAY. Iím working on my birth plan and Iím looking forward to it. Iím seeing the Gyne next week so hopefully she can confirm the sex once more for me and I have to decide whether Iím getting the shot for being Rhesus negative. I think Iím just going to get the shot because I canít seem to decide what is better. I keep thinking ďwhat if?Ē

I still have heartburn occasionally and Iíve been feeling a lot heavier at the bottom of my abdomen. Itís like everything it being squashed down there and the baby is getting bigger and heavier.

Other that that the weatherís looking a bit better. No more snow and the days are a lot hotter. Canít wait for summer cause I love summer and then my little bundle of joy will be here.

Till next time,

~ Lizelle

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