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Week 28 Ė 26 July 2007
~ Growing Pains

Ok, I was right about this little girl growing. I went to the doc on Tuesday. This is the gyne I had to see in case something goes wrong and the midwife will call her for assistance. She is a lovely lady and Iím glad I met her and feel comfortable with her so if I do need a caesarian at least sheís seen me once and knows my medical history as well. Anyway, she did a scan and confirmed that itís definitely a girl. She did some measurements and sheís measuring at 29 weeks already and it pushed my due date up to October 6th. The doc said that I should rather go on the first due date which is October 15th. Itís just because she is so big. On the scan it said she weighs 1.3kg. That is huge! She also said that she would be a big baby at birth 3.5kg or more. It frightened me a bit because I want so badly to have an unmedicated birth but if sheís going to be that big how will I get her out with no drugs! She was also breech but apparently thereís more than enough time for her to turn so hopefully she does.

It was so nice to see her little face on the scan and to see her fat cheeks. She doesnít look like a skeleton anymore; she looks like a real baby. We talked about me being Rhesus negative and went over the stats and I have decided to wait until the babyís born to get her tested and then have the shot if I need it. This is the way my midwife treats all her Rhesus negative moms and I feel comfortable enough to do the same. She also did the Group B-strep test. All in all it was a good visit. I see the midwife again on the 9th August. And on the 4th August Iím having my 3D scan. I canít wait. I hope the baby has turned by then so we can get a good pic of her face cause she had it buried under the placenta on Tuesday.

I also had my first ante-natal class on Monday night. My mom went with me as sheís going to be my birth partner and Corne does not want to go in anyway. It was very nice and we got to watch a video of a water birth. It was a bit graphic and everyone in the class was so quiet after that; I think they all were in a bit of shock including me. Itís good to see it though. It will just help to prepare you for the real day and what you might expect. I have 7 more classes every Monday night until Iím finished.

On the other hand I have been more uncomfortable with my ever increasing weight. I have picked up a total on 8kg as per the doc. She says itís not bad but I can feel the strain itís putting on my body. I canít seem to get comfortable at night and my legs pain and have pins and needles all the time. I have to keep turning around and I canít sleep on my back any more. I guess itís all just part of the fun!

Have a good week everyone!

~ Lizelle

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