Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 29 Ė 31 July 2007
~ Nursery work!

Iím finally not so busy at work anymore. This is just those few days before month end and then the whole thing starts all over again. So for a change Iím actually writing my journal on time!

This weekend we worked on the nursery again. We bought a new light fitting and Corne installed it as well as the book case, he put it up on the wall. He also put the mosquito net up over the cot. I unpacked all the toys on the book case and made the cot up with all the nice bedding Iíd gotten so far. It looks so nice! Really girly like with lots of fairies and butterflies in pink and purple. Thereís no real theme; itís just all the things Iíve bought and collected before and got as gifts. Itís just me. I just have to finish painting the cupboard, stick some new paper in that I bought and then I can start packing all her clothes and stuff in there. Iím going to see my friend on Sunday and then Iíll get a whole lot of stuff from her that sheís been keeping aside for me. I can almost say we have enough stuff for her to come! We still need to get the pram and car seat but otherwise weíre organized. I keep going into the nursery and just looking at all her things. Itís really exciting!

Last night we had our second class. It was very long and we got a lot of info on labour and the stages of it and what to look out for and when to go to the hospital and we watched another video of a water birth. This time I almost burst into tears. It was really emotional! It was a first time mom and you could see she was having a hard time and then out came the baby and the expressions on her and her husbandís faces were priceless! It really is an amazing experience! Afterwards she said it really wasnít that bad because you might be pushing for two hours but it feels like 15 minutes. Itís amazing how your brain distorts everything for you to cope with it.

Anyway Jaide has been really active and kicking me the whole day. I canít tell if sheís turned around yet. I see the Midwife again on Thursday so maybe she can tell me. On the sleeping front itís been a bit better. I got two extra pillows, one to put between my legs and one underneath my stomach. It really helps but makes turning around a mission because you have to keep moving all the pillows with you. And then having to get up in the night to go to the loo you have to reposition yourself again every time. I often am awake after the whole ritual and then I canít sleep again! So Iíve been using some of my visualization techniques from the Hypnobirthing to fall asleep again and it seems to work.

Iím still at 8kg weight gain so Iím happy about that. But my body is taking strain and I have aches and pains every now and then. Especially in my hips. Oh the Joy!

Saturday Iím having my 3D scan! I canít wait!

Have a good week everyone!

Till next time,
~ Lizelle

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