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Week 30 Ė 10 August 2007
~ Ugh!

Well this week Iím late again with my journal. Yesterday was a public holiday so that made the week shorter. Iím actually officially 31 weeks today but this journal is for last week. I guess the title says a lot! Ugh!

I donít feel so well anymore. Especially today. Iím tired, and bloated! And itís not just bloated like ďfart and feel betterĒ bloated. Itís actually ďuncomfortable and painfulĒ bloated! My body is sore especially my hips and I woke up at 03h00 this morning and could not sleep again! Corne was also awake so I donít know if itís me that woke him or if heís also experiencing pregnancy complaints! Ugh!

Yesterday was National Womanís Day. I didnít do much! I did some filing at home and my dadís laundry and visited with him for a while in the afternoon. It doesnít even feel like I had a day off. And Iím working today so Yippee!

I had my check-up visit last week Thursday and according to the Midwifeís scale Iíve only picked up 5.5kg. I think her scale is way off because according to my scale Iíve picked up 8kg. She was a bit concerned and says Iím not eating enough protein. She suggested I buy this Protein shake and take it as a supplement. I havenít gotten around to doing that yet but Iím trying to eat protein with every meal. My blood pressure was also a bit high. Around 150/85. Sheís not too worried but says we must just watch it closely. She listened to Jaideís heartbeat and it was normal and her reactions were also good. Iím seeing her every two weeks now.

On Monday I had another class. We did some breathing, relaxation and visualization. It was really good to practice a bit. I need to practice more every day now so that I will be well prepared for the big day.

Tomorrow is a friend of mineís bridal shower. Iím not really in the mood to go anywhere but I guess Iíll be there. Hopefully Iíll feel better!

Anyway have a good weekend everyone.

~ Lizelle

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