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Week 31 Ė 14 August 2007
~ Much Better

Ok I must say I had the crappiest day ever on Friday when I wrote my last journal. I really felt like dying. Now I feel much better. Iím not so tired and just in a better mood.

This weekend was very productive for us. I went shopping on Saturday with my dad and finally got the pram and the baby carrier. Itís really nice one of those joggers with the three big wheels and easy to handle.

On Sunday I finished the babyís room! I painted the inside of the cupboard and stuck new paper in and put all her things in there. Iím so glad itís done. All I have to do now is get a night light and move the radio in there. Iíll sort out the clothes and wash them after the baby shower.

Speaking of which my mom is so bad at keeping a secret and sort off let it fall that she was organizing a shower with my friend for me. I had an idea that they were going to do that anyway. Well itís supposed to be this big secret so Iíll just try and pretend I donít know anything. I donít know the details anyway so thatís ok. My mom is terrible at keeping secrets!

I was also practicing some of my Hypnobirthing breathing this weekend and making notes on it. Itís a bit different from the breathing weíve been practicing in class but at least Iíll know both types and Iíll see what works better for me on the day.

Speaking of class last night we had our fourth class. It was quite graphic once again and we watched a doctor managed birth in a hospital. I must say Iím so happy to have gone the midwife route and that Iíll be having an active birth because the way the doctors do it just really scares the daylights out of me and the way they treat the babies and all the procedures are just so cruel. The baby in this video was crying and you could hear in the way he was crying that he was not a very happy little baby. They are so rough with them and take them away immediately! Iím so glad I wonít have to go through that. I also spoke to one of the Training Doulas in my class and Iíve decided Iím going to use her. They offer their services for free so I donít see the harm in having an extra helping hand there that day. Iím very excited about that!

I see the Midwife again on Thursday and on Saturday Iíll be seeing the Homeopath to get my pregnancy cocktail. So many things are happening so fast. Iíll be 32 weeks then. Just 8 more to go and our little baby will be here. Itís truly unbelievable.

Well gotta get back to work!

Have a good one!

~ Lizelle

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