Lizelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32 Ė 24 August 2007
~ Blood Pressure Scare!

Well Iím late writing my journal again! Work has been hectic and Iím so tired at night everything is becoming a mission for me. I can definitely feel a change in my body and I feel tired. My stomach is big and makes it difficult to get up and put my shoes on and sometimes I just feel bloated beyond help. But itís not that bad yet. I donít feel like I want her out already. I can still cope!

Last week I had an appointment with the midwife and rushed all the way there from work. Itís a bit of a drive especially if I have to go back to work afterwards, which I had to. So I get there and sheís running late and Iím getting stressed because I have to get back to work because Iím so busy. By the time I got in to see her and she did a urine test again and said I had ketones in my urine again, I was having a bit of a freak because I just thought Iíve been trying to eat more protein and if itís not that then I might be developing gestational diabetes. So when she did my blood pressure it was so high! 160/100. So obviously she was concerned and phoned the doctor who said I should go for blood test immediately, which I did and I was getting more stressed out by the minute because if it was the start of toxemia I might have to go to hospital. Anyway long story short the blood test came back and everything was normal! I had to go back in the afternoon to have my blood pressure taken again and I tried to calm myself down on the way and when I got there it was 128/72. Can you believe it! All that stress for nothing! It was my own stupidity!

Well needless to say the next day I felt totally drained! I felt like crying the whole day! It was terrible! Iím much better now though!

I also went to see the Homeopath on Saturday and sheís also an iridologist. She examined my eyes and the first thing she said to me is that Iím a very highly strung person. And that had an effect on my body because it burns all its resources when Iím so stressed! So now my goal is to RELAX! She also gave me this pregnancy cocktail that I have to drink for the last two months. It contains some of that Raspberry leaves that tones your uterus and gets it ready for labour. She also added something to calm my nerves and it has a whole bunch of other things in it as well that helps with childbirth and after effects like bleeding and hemorrhoids. All in all it was a good visit.

On the baby front I can feel she doesnít have much room left in there. The midwife says she thinks sheís still head down but itís hard to palpate my stomach because my placenta is in the front so she doesnít feel much of baby. I think sheís still head down because I can feel her kicking at the top of my stomach.

Eight weeks to go!

~ Lizelle

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